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Natural Church Development (NCD)

A certified NCD consultant on EMM's staff, Antonio Ulloa, provides resources for churches interested in putting together an action plan to increase congregational health. This service is offered at no charge to congregations within EMM's supporting network.

What makes churches grow?

Through careful worldwide research, The Institute for Natural Church Development has verified an important link between church health and church growth. Churches do not grow because they focus on numerical growth; they grow because they focus on qualitative growth, i.e., increasing their level of health — making more, better, and more productive disciples who love and obey Christ.

The NCD Strategy

The NCD strategy starts with a survey of church members to determine the pulse of the church in relation to eight different “quality characteristics.”

  • Empowering leadership
  • Gift-based ministry
  • Passionate spirituality
  • Effective structures
  • Inspiring worship services
  • Holistic small groups
  • Need-oriented evangelism
  • Loving relationships

The results of the survey provide the church leadership an “objective snapshot” of congregational strengths and weaknesses at a particular moment in time. A church implementation team is then formed to analyze the information, to create an action plan to address the weaknesses, and to implement this plan. To close the cycle, a second survey is taken at the end of the implementation stage to measure the result of the efforts.

NCD does not intend to reduce God’s work to a human system — its intention is to empower church structures and ministries to release the Holy Spirit’s work and power more freely in congregational life.

To learn more, contact Antonio Ulloa at 717 898-2251.

Antonio Ulloa, church revitalization coach, would love to engage with you.

He is available to teach any of the series below (3-5 sessions each) in a series of Sunday morning services, a series of small group gatherings, or renewal meetings.

  • Let's Take Another Look at Revival: How to Prepare the Soil for a Fresh Visitation of God
  • Beyond Performance: Learning How to Experience God's Grace Anew
  • Worship in Spirit and in Truth: A Practical Study on the True Nature of Worship
  • Life in the Spirit: Understanding What It Means to Be a Spiritual Person
  • How to Discover and Enjoy the Very Presence of God ... Right Here on Earth
  • Rediscovering the Message of Jesus as Good News ... Inside the Church

To schedule or learn more, contact Antonio Ulloa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 717 898-2251.

EMM’s Church Investment Loan Fund (CILF)

creates the possibility of 3-way benefits, simultaneously blessing investors, borrowers, and the people served by EMM workers around the world.

Here’s how it works:

  • Benefit #1: People with a heart to further the work of the church invest some of their savings in the CILF and receive interest income in return.

  • Benefit #2: Anabaptist churches and church-related agencies who are purchasing or renovating facilities borrow money from the CILF at favorable adjustable annual rates (currently 3.75%).

  • Benefit #3: People around the world encounter Christ through EMM mission work, funded in part by a portion of the interest income from CILF loans.

To borrow funds:
Contact Donald Brubaker for more information, including loan application details.

Satisfied borrowers say:

“EMM’s CILF has been the perfect fit. We get a great rate, confidence that we’re treated with integrity, and the added benefit of knowing our payments are put to further good use.” – Camp Hebron

"Many factors contributed to our decision to borrow from the CILF. They included: attractive rates, a simple application and draw process, and minimal fees. The “icing on the cake” was the fact that our interest expense would help support missions." – Rosedale Mennonite Missions

"When we outgrew our initial church building in 2008, we initiated a conversation with EMM to explore financing options for purchasing a larger property and became aware of the CILF, which has been instrumental in helping us purchase our building. We are excited that the interest on the loan can be used for building God's kingdom!" – Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association

"Borrowing from EMM's CILF has been a positive experience." – James Street Mennonite Church
Here’s the back story:

The CILF has been providing a return to believers and furthering the expansion of church ministries since 1959. The fund is administered by a group of church, business, and professional directors, including respected bankers and financial managers from within the Mennonite community.


Ministering to those affected by HIV/AIDS

Since the first printing of this manual approximately 4 million more people have died from AIDS and nearly 7 million have become newly infected around the world. Countries in sub-Saharan Africa as well as Asia have the highest infection rates, with many other countries also seeing alarming increases in numbers of people infected. Most of those infected and dying are the most productive individuals in the community.

The church has a vital role to play in stopping the deadly trend of this disease. Church leaders must take the initiative to get involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS. To do so, they must have a basic knowledge of: the disease, its modes of transmission, the prevalence in areas where they live and minister, and local resources for testing, counseling, and treatment.

With this knowledge, church leaders can more effectively provide the pastoral care that the entire community needs as it struggles with this devastating disease. This is an opportunity for the church to reach out to the world with the message of Christ’s forgiveness, love, and compassion. As you use this manual, focus on the fact that those affected by HIV/AIDS are people, children of God. They are not the disease. As you come into contact with affected people, continue to ask yourself, “How would Jesus have treated those affected by HIV/AIDS?

Spanish version also available. 

Leading a short-term missions trip? Not sure where to start? We can help!

Eastern Mennonite Missions has created a free resource to help you lead a short-term mission trip from start to finish, from planning to debriefing. With over a century of missions experience, we are committed to helping short-term missions leave a positive long-term impact. This is a wonderful opportunity for your group to both serve well and to grow in discipleship.

In this resource, you’ll find guides for logistics and cultural preparation, devotionals, and debriefing resources to help you plan for not only a good experience, but a life-changing experience that will leave a lasting impact.  

We invite you to download this free resource and explore the seven sections. Feel free to tailor fit this material to your group and its dynamics. We’re also available to talk through this resource with you and discuss what might best work in your context; contact Sherrie or call 717 898-2251.