Thank you for being part of the story of God’s work through EMM!

In 2017, the story of God’s work through EMM was filled with firsts, like when EMM workers David and Grace Shenk were asked to give away over 2,000 books about Christian-Muslim dialogue at the largest annual gathering of Muslims in North America.

It held big projects like an adventure fundraiser for the PROMESA school’s new building, where more Peruvian children will have access to high-quality, discrimination-free, Christian education.

It featured quiet but powerful moments, like when South Asia EMM workers Jack and Julia* opened their home to an injured woman who had no other support system.

And it was all supported by people like you, who selflessly gave because you believe in God’s mission of transforming the world through Jesus. In addition to many other generous gifts throughout the year, you helped raise $1,428,337 for EMM’s Impact Fund need!

2018 will be another beautiful chapter in God’s work through EMM. I hope you’ll continue being part of the story — you help make it all possible.

Many thanks,

Kaylene Derksen
Development Director