South America

South America

Context: Home to llamas and the largest rainforest and the highest waterfall in the world, South America boasts cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity. Peoples originating in South America, as well as Europe, Africa, and Asia, live here, leading to rich variety in food and music. Most South Americans speak Spanish or Portuguese. Many belong to the Roman Catholic Church, although there are a growing number of evangelical Christians. A lack of godly leadership in both Catholic and evangelical settings has caused skepticism toward formal church structures, but people continue seeking real, genuine experiences of God through Bible study and Christian relationships modeled in real life.

EMM work: Teams of EMM workers serve in Chile and Peru. Work in Venezuela happens in partnership with local leaders and churches.

The Chile team has targeted the island and mountain communities of the tenth region of the country (the country is divided into 15 regions) along with raising up a new generation of Jesus followers through house church fellowships in cities throughout Chile. On Chiloe Island, workers focus especially on children, discipling them and working to prevent sexual abuse. The house church networks involve numerous business leaders throughout the country.

In Peru, EMM workers provide support to the Peru Mennonite Church (which grew out of EMM work that began in 1987) in the areas of leadership development, health, and education. Team members mentor leaders; work for PROSIM, the church’s health organization; and teach and provide administrative support at PROMESA, the bilingual school established by the church.

In Venezuela, EMM partners with a network of churches in church planting and leadership training.

Vision: We focus on making disciples who make disciples, trusting and praying that vibrant communities of worship and mission will begin and grow as the number of disciples increase. We are establishing a Christian camp and ministry outreach center on Tenglo Island in Chile. A school board has been established for PROMESA. We continue to seek volunteers who are able to teach English.

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