East Africa

East Africa

Context: Nations in this region differ vastly from their neighbors in terms of ethnicity, economics, history, and politics. The religious atmosphere is also diverse among ethnic groups within one country; some areas have a nominal evangelical majority, several are Muslim, and one country is communist and actively persecutes people of any faith.

Most of the region is rural and agrarian, and it includes some of the world’s poorest and most violent countries on the globe. Visitors frequently comment on the staggering depth of the poverty and human suffering.

EMM work: EMM’s relationships in East Africa include people and groups in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. EMM East Africa is wholly focused on catalyzing both our workers and our partners to sustainable, multiplying patterns of discipleship and mission that extend the kingdom of God in East Africa and beyond.

Current work includes:

Pioneer mission efforts

  • Church planting in unreached areas of Kenya
  • Funding for indigenous mission work in rural Ethiopia
  • Healthcare work in Muslim villages
  • Partnering with a community center to provide ESL classes and sports ministry for Muslim refugees
  • People of God study course, which introduces hundreds of Muslims to the Christian scriptures each year
  • Advocacy for underground church groups

Church and leadership development

  • Training and mentoring of local church leaders
  • Development of Anabaptist theological study materials in Swahili
  • Educational scholarships to develop contextualized theological competence among local leaders
  • Linkages between church bodies in East Africa and North America

Mobilizing partners for mission

  • Coaching and support for indigenous church planters in the region
  • Small grants for locally-initiated training and church planting efforts
  • Arranging for visiting lecturers to teach in East African Anabaptist educational institutions
  • Supporting those who serve East Africa through hosting at Amani Gardens Inn (formerly the Mennonite Guesthouse) and educating missionary children at Rosslyn Academy

Vision: Our dream is to be, and to inspire, a movement of movements all over East Africa and beyond. Our aim is transformation, not mere information; discipleship, not mere religion. We long for all people to become fully committed followers of Jesus, but recognize that there are many expressions of the kingdom of God and the work of the Holy Spirit.

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