Middle East

Middle East

Context: The Middle East has been called “the crossroads of the world” because it is the meeting of three continents – Asia, Africa, and Europe – and the site of much trading and cross-pollination of cultures.

Arabs comprise the largest ethnic group in the Middle East, with Arabic being the most commonly spoken language. Iranians speak Farsi, Israelis speak Hebrew, and Turks speak Turkish. Most people in the Middle East are Muslims, although Lebanon has many Christians and Israel is mostly Jewish.

The ongoing conflicts, frequent trauma, and recent restlessness in the Middle East point to the great need for those who live there to experience the healing love, forgiveness, and soul-satisfying peace and joy of life in Christ.

EMM work: Workers in the region learn language, serve as teachers, and work in the areas of hospitality and training of leaders.

Vision: As we learn language, develop relationships, share God’s love and plan of salvation, and equip local leaders, we hope to see communities of people who worship and follow the ways of Jesus growing throughout the region.

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