West Europe

West Europe

Context: West Europe has a robust multicultural population living in densely populated metropolitan areas. Europe’s western world-class cities are teeming with a postmodern populace, but the eastern sections of West Europe are largely post-communist in ideology.

Europe as a whole is post-Christian, as the organized official church (whether Catholic or Protestant) has lost its influence. Atheism has strongly shaped the continent, and New Age and ancient religions are returning. Islam is rising with the influx of Muslim immigrants in the largest cities. In general, Europe is fairly “closed” to the gospel. However, inroads have been made by spreading the gospel through personal relationships.

EMM work: EMM has nurtured longstanding relationships with churches and mission partners throughout West Europe. The focus in this region includes both community transformation through church planting (generally led by EMM) and church development in cooperation with churches, conferences, and mission organizations.

Current involvement includes community outreach in Wales, refugee ministry, community transformation and discipleship training in Germany, and church development and leadership training in the Netherlands.

Vision: We are in a new partnership in mission efforts in southern Spain, and plans are underway to partner with an ongoing project reaching the immigrant community in Marseilles, France. Our long-term vision is to form international teams to reach immigrant populations and the largely unreached urban population of Europe.

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