East Asia

East Asia

Context: More than 1.5 billion people (22 percent of all the people in the world) live in East Asia. One of the world’s most populated places, East Asia includes fast-growing cities that present new challenges in urban development and modernization of local cultures. This fast-paced region holds the record for some of the fastest commuter trains and largest train stations on the planet.

Many minorities in this region have had very little chance to hear the gospel. While East Asia is fairly “closed” to the gospel, many inroads have been made through personal relationships and business networks. East Asia sits on the threshold of embracing the gospel, but the window of opportunity is quickly closing as many people become enticed and captured by materialistic pursuits.

EMM work: Workers in the region are currently teaching English; working in coffee shops, bakeries, and video/media production; studying language full-time; and building business partnerships to help spread the gospel. They work with an increasing number of partners from Latin America and Southeast Asia as well.

Despite fragmentation in some local churches, believers in the region are passionate about their faith. God is raising up a generation who is striving for more unity and sharing the gospel with those who have not heard. The church is still quite young in its Great Commission focus.

Vision: Expect this region of the world to be the site of significant movements to Jesus in the near future!

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