East/Central Europe

East/Central Europe

Context: Eastern Europe has a complicated past. The effects of communism are still ingrained in various aspects of the culture and show up in different ways in each of the countries in the region. Countries in East/Central Europe lack an evangelical Christian presence — one of the effects of living under communism. Christianity is not prevalent in any of the countries, and the Czech Republic is considered the most atheistic nation in all of Europe. How far the Czech Republic has moved from the time of Jan Hus (a church reformer in the 15th century) and the 24-hour prayer movement that took place back in the 15th and 16th centuries!

EMM work: Before workers are able to share their faith in East/Central Europe, relationships must be formed. And in these countries, relationships require serious effort. It is a complicated yet rewarding task to break through the layers of skepticism and doubt in order to befriend individuals.

EMM personnel currently serve in Albania and the Czech Republic. Additional relationships and projects exist throughout the Baltic and Balkans region. Workers can serve as English teachers (a great asset in any of the countries in the region), youth workers, church planters, and business people at a milk processing plant. Opportunities also exist to teach university classes in Lithuania, to teach in an American-Albanian school in Lezhe, Albania, or to work with the Roma (Gypsy) community in various locations.

More workers are needed to support and strengthen the existing churches of East/Central Europe, and also to plant new churches and engage in new forms of evangelism in the region. 

Vision: Workers who long to see the kingdom of God flourish in this region will come to East/Central Europe and invest in relationships, realizing they may not see fruit for some time. Believers will build relationships through teaching, ministry, business, or any other open doors. As people in the region connect with Jesus and churches begin to grow, Christians will have a life-giving impact on this area.

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