Finance assistant

Finance assistant

Eastern Mennonite Missions seeks a Finance assistant (0.8–1.0 FTE) to work with insurance, pension plans, asset portfolios, depreciation schedules, and tax documents. Required: experience with accounting software, knowledge of Excel and Crystal reports, detail oriented, an accounting certificate with one to two years of experience or an accounting degree. Apply here — start date to be determined.

Please apply here.

Location: Salunga, Pa., U.S.

Beginning date: to be determined

Time allocation0.8–1.0 FTE                    

Supervision: Finance Director

Overview: To provide support for the Finance Team.

Key: E = Essential O = Other

Essential functions – Key components of the job; what an individual needs to do to fulfill the requirements of the position.

Other functions – Job functions that others can do; areas where there is a greater possibility of making reasonable accommodation (as per ADA).


A. Responsibilities

Serve as the Finance assistant
 1.  Serve as insurance point person and related bookings for the organization. E
 2.  Perform bookkeeping related to the EMM defined pension plan of retired missionaries: pension payments, annual 1099-R forms, and pension plan worksheets. E
 3.  Work with depreciation software: additions and subtractions of assets, monthly bookings, audit schedules. E
 4.  Manage trust funds (trusts portion): payments and tax document preparation. O
 5.  Track medical-related documents, as needed. O
 6.  Primary responsibility to see that EMM complies with current tax law for 1099-MISC, sales tax exemption, and other laws, as assigned. Issue and distribute 1099-MISC forms for the Central Administrative Office. E
 7.  Create and mail invoices and forwarding reports to churches and other agencies, ensuring follow up. E
 8.  Create special Crystal reports as requested by other Finance team members. E
 9.  Assist in the coordination and preparation of audit reports, as needed. O
10.  Order/cancel credit cards as requested by directors or managers. E
11.  Serve as a backup person for the following:
       a.  Daily receipt coding. E
       b.  Bookkeeper (data entry, checks, noncash journals). E
       c.  Investment manager for Sage-related items other than Investment Fund bookings (1099 tax reports, etc.) E
       d.  Second backup person for payroll. E
       e.  Other agency accounting services provided by EMM. E
12.  Complete other tasks assigned by the Finance director or Finance manager. E
13.  Be available for other organizational tasks such as summer events. O

Ministry functions
 1.  Attend weekly chapel. E
 2.  Participate in team devotions/prayer times. E
 3.  Display a Christ-centered life. E
 4.  Commit to integrating prayer into normal day-to-day work responsibilities. E
 5.  Attend prayer and fasting/feasting days. E
 6.  All staff who are 0.5 FTE or more will participate in two weeks of Launch training within two years of employment (preferably within the first year). E

 1.  All salaried staff is expected to attend EMM corporate events and at least one session of LMC’s Celebration of Church Life. Assistance from all staff with the Global Fair program is also expected. E

B.  Church affiliation
 1.  Active member in a Christ-centered, mission-minded congregation, with a preference for Anabaptist communities. E

C.  Travel
 1.  Current driver’s license and good driving record. O
 2.  Travel for an annual training opportunity may be offered. O
 3.  Possibility exists of doing an internal audit of an overseas location. O

D. Environment
 1.  Primarily a desk position at the Central Administrative Office, but may include work-related committee assignments and limited promotional work in the constituency. E

E. Team/peer relationships
 1. Part of the Finance Team. E

F. Physical
 1. Has sight and hearing. E
 2. Should be able to lift and transport 50 pounds for short distances. O


 1. Job experience/education
     a. Accounting certificate with one to two years of experience or an accounting degree. E

 2. Language skills
     a. Fluency in speaking, writing, and reading English. E
     b. Preference for fluency in speaking, writing, and reading Spanish. O

 3.  Cross-cultural experience
      a. Requires little or no cross-cultural experience. E

  4. Other
      a. Detail oriented. E
      b. Good relational and communication skills. O
      c. Experience in working with accounting software. E
      d. Crystal report knowledge and experience or ability to learn. E
      e. Ability to learn new skills. E
      f. Ability to work with a team. E
      g. Knowledge of Excel. E
      h. Agree with and embrace EMM values. E

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