Mission Team director

Mission Team director

Eastern Mennonite Missions seeks a Mission Team director to give leadership to the Mission Team — the sending, partnering, and resourcing arm of EMM. Requires 5+ years of organizational leadership experience, bachelor's degree, and 5+ years of long-term, cross-cultural mission experience. Apply here — begins as soon as possible.

Location: Salunga, Pa.

Supervision: President

Finances: 1.0 FTE

Overview: To give leadership to the Mission Team, the long- and short-term sending, partnering, and resourcing arm of Eastern Mennonite Missions.


Key: E = Essential O = Other

Essential Functions – Key components of the job; what an individual needs to do to fulfill the requirements of the position.

Other Functions – Job functions that others can do; areas where there is greater possibility of making reasonable accommodation (as per ADA).

Role – Promote the vision of EMM. Serve as a member on the Leadership Team. Give leadership and oversight to the Mission Team Central Administrative Office staff and international workers.

   A.  Responsibilities
           1. Promote the vision of EMM along with president, other members of the Leadership and Mission teams, and the EMM Board. E
           2. Give leadership to the implementation of the EMM mission, core values, and guiding principles, as found in A Garden in Spring. E
           3. Participate with the president and the Leadership Team in the development of overall EMM strategy and planning. E
           4. Design and implement relevant missionary and discipleship strategies with clear objectives for short and long term workers, including measurement of effectiveness.  E
           5. Work with the president in hiring prospective Mission Team staff. E
           6. Recruit qualified field workers. E
           7. Ensure orientation, training and ongoing coaching and support for all field workers as well as corporate training for CAO staff. E
           8. Be available for conference-wide and some international resourcing and promotion of missions, evangelism, and renewal through speaking engagements and other activities. E
           9. Stay informed and adequately resourced in the areas of missions, evangelism, church growth, and renewal. E
         10. Oversee the creation of the annual budget for the Mission Team. E
         11. Co-lead with the president in representing EMM with the Council of International Ministries. E
         12. Serve as an EMM representative to the International Missions Association. O

   B.  Ministry commitments
           1. Commit to integrating prayer into normal day-to-day work responsibilities. E
           2. Conscious engagement as a ministerial leader in the believers church and its global mission which we represent, understanding that involvement on the EMM Leadership Team is a ministerial commitment, whether or not one is formally credentialed. E
           3. Ability and willingness to represent EMM in Sunday School classes, seminars, worship services, district leadership groups, and other public events among our constituency as requested and as possible. E
           4. Attendance at weekly chapel. E
           5. Attendance at prayer and fasting and feasting and celebrating days. E
           6. All staff who are 0.5 FTE or more will take the Launch training within two years of employment. E
           7. Participate in team devotions/prayer times. E
           8. Personal commitment to knowing and walking with God in prayer, Bible study, worship, witness, acts of service, discipling others, and other expressions of historic faithful Christianity of which EMM’s mandate is one expression. E

   C.  Church affiliation
        Active member in a Christ-centered, mission-minded congregation from an Anabaptist community. E

   D.  Attendance of events
          1. All salaried staff is expected to attend EMM corporate events. E
          2. All salaried staff is expected to attend at least one session of the LMC’s Celebration of Church Life. E
          3. Assistance from all staff with Global Fair is expected when requested. E

    E. Travel
        Physical well-being appropriate to the demands of domestic and international travel. E

    F. Physical
        Sight and hearing. E

Environment – Salunga, Pa. with significant time allotted for constituent and global presence with individuals, congregations, mission teams, and partner churches in any part of the world.
    1. Spend significant time at the CAO in oversight and resourcing of staff. E
    2. Be available for consultation, direction, and relationship-building in any part of the world in which EMM carries out its mission. E

Team/peer relationships – Serves as a member of the Leadership Team and Mission Team, consulting regularly with the president on matters of significance for short and long term field program oversight and direction.
    1. Consults regularly with the president to receive counsel and direction regarding overall vision, strategy, budget, and program issues. E
    2. Works closely with Mission Team staff according to delegated responsibilities. E
    3. Serves as a member of the Leadership Team and Mission Team for overall EMM vision, strategy, budget, and program issues. E
    4. Represent the Mission Team to the EMM Board as requested by the president. E
    5. Represent the Mission Team and EMM within sending constituency, related domestic churches and centers of mission, and related overseas churches and centers of mission. E
    6. Supervise the strategic coaches. E

Qualifications – Long-term missions experience and training coupled with administrative and visionary gift mix.

   A. Job experience
         1. Five or more years of organizational leadership experience. E

   B. Education
         1. Bachelor’s degree. E
         2. Graduate theological and/or missiological training. O

   C. Language skills
        1. Fluency in speaking, writing, and reading English. E
        2. Fluency in speaking, writing, and reading Spanish is helpful. O

    D. Cross-cultural experience
        1. At least five years of long-term, cross-cultural mission experience. E

    E. Personality
        1. Big-picture oriented with ability to administer details effectively. E
        2. Outgoing and relational. E
        3. Good public communicator. E
        4. Sensitive and diplomatic in communication. E
        5. High capacity to develop and articulate vision. E
        6. Ability to develop strategy and release others to care for details and implementation. E
        7. Skilled in both listening (drawing others out) and expression (sharing personal perspectives) for collaboration. E
        8. Ability to assess and respond appropriately to situations of conflict. E

    F. Other
        1. Whole-hearted embrace of EMM vision, mission, core values and guiding principles and Biblical theology of mission as set forth in A Garden in Spring. –E
        2. Affirmation of 1995 Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective. –E
        3. Affirmation of LMC’s Vision 2020 with a recognition of and willingness to work within the framework of LMC. –E
        4. In touch with the global Christian movement and key missiological issues. Equipped to interpret directions in world mission in the light of God’s call to mission and the context of contemporary global realities. –E


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