Church Investment Loan Fund

The Church Investment Loan Fund (CILF) simultaneously blesses investors, borrowers, and the people served by EMM workers around the world. Here's how it works ...

... for investors  People with a heart to further the work of the church invest some of their savings in the CILF and receive interest income in return. 

... for borrowers  Anabaptist churches and church-related agencies in Pa. who are purchasing or renovating facilities borrow money from the CILF at favorable adjustable annual rates (currently 4.0%).

... for mission workers  The Church Investment Loan Fund produces $400,000 of income per year for EMM. People around the world encounter Christ through EMM mission work, funded in part by a portion of the interest income from CILF loans.

Here's the back story:

The CILF has been providing a return to believers and furthering the expansion of church ministries since 1959. The fund is administered by a group of church, business, and professional directors, including respected bankers and financial managers from within the Mennonite community.