The Impact Fund is essential to all areas of EMM’s mission. It enables EMM to recruit and send workers, cover some of the cost of worker support, update constituents through publications like Missionary Messenger, provide salaries and benefits for the staff who support these activities, and much more. A charitable gift for which you do not indicate a preference will benefit the Impact Fund.

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The Impact Fund makes a difference — here’s how givers like you made an impact in 2017:

In 2017, 49 people gave to EMM in someone’s honor.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” — Winston Churchill

In May and June, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day bring opportunities to thank those who raised and nurtured us. On occasions like these when you want to celebrate your loved ones, consider giving a charitable gift in their honor. Your gift will make a lasting impact on others, just as your family member or friend has done for you.

When Nevin and Mary Boll of Lititz, Pa. were getting ready to celebrate a milestone in their lives, they wanted to make charitable gifts a part of their big day. Mary tells us what this day meant to her:

“When we considered our upcoming 50th wedding anniversary, we felt we needed to celebrate this tremendous blessing from God. We decided to have an afternoon drop-in for extended family and friends.

We debated how to handle gifts, and that’s when we talked about what Nevin’s parents had done on their 50th. They requested that gifts go to Mennonite Disaster Service, which Nevin’s father was involved with for many years. For us, we knew EMM would be our choice. In our invitations, we put this note: ‘No gifts necessary, but if you wish to honor Nevin and Mary, please consider a donation to Eastern Mennonite Missions to support Kosti and Ori Zguri in Albania.’

We had already pledged an amount to the Zguris’ ministry. We assumed that even with any anniversary gifts that might come, we would need to add to that amount by several hundred dollars to meet our pledge, which we were happy to do. Well, the total gifts turned out to be more than what we had pledged!

We felt very humbled and grateful for the outpouring of support for the Zguris, as well as the show of honor and love to us. We still got a few gifts, but the gifts to EMM were the best part. After 50 years, we don’t need more stuff, but this gift helped others have an investment in the work in Albania and will hopefully help them remember to pray for the place in which they invested.”

Maybe you’d like to include world missions in your gift-giving, too. Whether that means asking others to give charitably on your behalf — as Nevin and Mary did — or giving a charitable gift in someone’s honor, it is always a beautiful thing to express your thanks through generosity. Consider EMM’s Impact Fund as you give. The Impact Fund sustains all areas of God’s mission through EMM, and for a person who is passionate about sharing Jesus with the world, a gift to the Impact Fund on their behalf is sure to be meaningful.