The Impact Fund is essential to all areas of EMM's mission. It enables EMM to recruit and send workers, cover some of the cost of worker support, update constituents through publications like Missionary Messenger, provide salaries and benefits for the staff who support these activities, and much more. A charitable gift for which you do not indicate a preference will benefit the Impact Fund.

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The Impact Fund makes a difference — here's how givers like you made an impact in 2017:

110 individuals have given to the Impact Fund 5 years in a row.

EMM’s Impact Fund is like soil that quietly sustains new growth, including all the exciting work of the past year recounted in this annual report. From 84 youth baptisms in Cambodia to locally-led community development projects in Guinea-Bissau, each moment of transformation was undergirded by worker recruitment, missionary training, connecting local churches with overseas needs, providing crisis care for EMM workers, and a host of other things made possible by the Impact Fund.

And who makes the Impact Fund possible? You! EMM staff and workers are so grateful for those who give to God’s mission through the Impact Fund. Six hundred twenty-eight individuals gave to the Impact Fund in 2017, raising $358,926! One hundred ten of these people have given to the Impact Fund five consecutive years. Josh and Rosemary Blessing of Lititz, Pa., are among these regular givers. I asked them what compels them to give, and here is what they said:

“My (Josh’s) first exposure to EMM came through a ‘Perspectives on the World Christian Movement’ class where EMM worker David Shenk was one of the presenters. This was only a few years after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. David shared some of his stories of witness among Muslim people groups, and I will never forget hearing how he was invited to dialogue with imams in Iran and the London Central Mosque. He said that those in London told him they wanted to invite him back because ‘we know you love Muslims.’ What a fantastic witness.

Then I happened to look up David on YouTube, and sure enough, there were videos of him giving a clear and passionate, yet loving witness of Jesus to a large group of Islamic scholars. I was amazed at how God was using David in that environment, and since then I have been inspired by the other members of the Christian-Muslim Relations Team. We need more peaceful Christian witness in the world today, and EMM helps facilitate this kind of voice!

We love EMM because it seeks to live out its vision both locally and overseas. The world has come to our hometown through immigration and refugees, and EMM wants to use its resources to help serve and be a witness to that population right here in Lancaster. What a great idea! Any mission organization must deal with changing realities and be flexible enough to serve where there are great needs, especially if they are right next door.”

Perhaps EMM is doing work that inspires you and makes you want to join in, too. EMM workers are engaged in church planting, leadership training, health care, community development, and so much more. You can flip through the pages of this annual report for a sample, and visit to dig deeper.

I hope you’ll consider becoming a part of this work by giving to the Impact Fund. You can learn more about how to do that at May God bless you with opportunities to join His mission in life-giving ways, whatever they may be!