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Invest your savings and give to world missions
The Investment Fund can help you achieve your own financial goals while making a difference in the lives of people who need Jesus.

What is the Investment Fund?
The Investment Fund is the lending arm of Eastern Mennonite Missions. In the spirit of mutual assistance, the fund receives savings from our constituency, pays interest to these investors, and makes first-lien mortgage loans to Anabaptist churches and related agencies, usually at a rate lower than that of a commercial loan.

Why should I invest in the Investment Fund?
Those who invest in the Investment Fund support the work of the church as they also plan for their future needs. More than one thousand people have already chosen to invest their savings in these church projects.

Since 1959, EMM has been investing savings from individuals and organizations in churches, colleges, hospitals, retirement homes, schools, and church camps. Investing in these kinds of church capital projects allows people to invest in the church’s future and to avoid helping to finance military and worldly enterprises.

Our interest rates are modest, so that borrowers (young churches and other Mennonite agencies) do not need to pay us high rates for the use of these funds. We charge borrowers at least one percent above EMM's "index" (based upon the total cost of all notes payable in the Investment Fund) to cover administration and audit expenses.

What are the current interest rates for investors?
As of May 2019, EMM offers on-demand notes at an interest rate of .25%, one-year promissory notes at an interest rate of 1.25%, and three-year promissory notes at an interest rate of 2.50%. EMM also welcomes interest-free on-demand promissory notes. Each of these notes has a minimum purchase price of $500.

How do I invest? What do I do next?
To invest a portion of your funds with the Investment Fund, please fill out the Investor application form. On the form you’ll see our current interest rates, and you will indicate whether interest should be added to the principal or paid to you. You’ll need to supply your Social Security number on a W-9 form so that we can give you an annual 1099 Interest Statement for tax reporting purposes. Send the completed Investor application form, the completed W-9 form, a copy of a form of photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc.), and your check (payable to Eastern Mennonite Missions) to 53 W. Brandt Blvd., Salunga, Pa 17538. We will then send a promissory note to you, along with a prospectus.

Services may be limited in states outside Pa. If you live outside Pa., please find out your options by contacting Trisha Good before you apply to invest. 

EMM registers a prospectus with the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities annually. The Investment Fund is not a commercial lending agency and funds invested are not federally insured.

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PDF application form     W-9 form     2018 prospectus form

Questions? Contact Trisha Good.