Board of Directors

Brian Martin


Served on a GO! team to India and Nepal in 2005. Has served on the Board since September 2013 and became the chair of the Board in March 2014. Serves as pastor at Weaverland Anabaptist Faith Community (LMC — a fellowship of Anabaptist churches) in East Earl, Pa.

Courageous faith and a Spirit-filled vision became key ingredients in birthing EMM over a century ago. While our world has changed greatly, I joyfully observe faith and a Spirit-filled vision propelling EMM forward in the missional mandate of our Lord for this generation.”

Kenneth Sensenig

Vice chair

Has served on the Board since 2004. Serves as the Assistant Executive Director of Mennonite Central Committee East Coast and attends Red Run Mennonite Church in Denver, Pa.

“The church and its ministries are strengthened when they embrace a common purpose. One of my goals is to strengthen the bond between the church and EMM.”

Cedric Roth


Has served on the Board since 2010. Financial advisor with Everence and attends Marion Mennonite Church (LMC) in Chambersburg, Pa.

“Numerous young adults from our congregation and conference have been spiritually shaped by EMM’s short-term programs. I want to see this important aspect of faith formation continue as young people serve in various ministries throughout the world.”

Kent Hartzler


Served as co-leader of Mexico STAT (Summer Training and Action Team) in 1994; served on a Jamaica YES team in 1993. Has served on the Board since 2012. Serves as President and CEO of the Everence Federal Credit Union and attends Mountville Mennonite Church (LMC) in Mountville, Pa.

“EMM has a long, rich history of pursuing Jesus’ Great Commission (Matt. 28:19‑20) to spread the gospel and to call forth disciples in His name. My desire is to see this kingdom work advanced in future generations.”

Lawrence Brenneman

Spent two years of voluntary service in eastern Kentucky with Mennonite Mission Network; served six years as missions and service chair and four years as missional leader for Allegheny Mennonite Conference. Has gained additional understanding through visiting missions in the Middle East, East Asia, and throughout the United States. He attends Pinto Mennonite Church (LMC) in Cumberland, Md.

“I deeply appreciate the purposes and goals for EMM’s existence. World-wide influence in enlarging Christ’s kingdom is truly amazing to me!”

Lyn Carlson

Served with EMM on a YES team to France in 1998, as a STAT co-leader to France in 2000, as a YES team leader to Lithuania in 2001, and as assistant director of the Harrisburg Discipleship Center from 2003–2004. Currently works as Director of Academic Support at Lancaster Mennonite School and attends Forest Hills Mennonite Church (Atlantic Coast Conference) in Leola, Pa.

“At a time when it’s easy to find much trouble in our world, I am humbled to serve this organization, which has been steadfast in shining Christ’s light of hope to many people both locally and globally.”

Laurie Gingrich

Served on a YES team in 2001 to Kazakhstan and led a YES team to Cambodia in 2005. She attends Connect Church (LMC) in Lancaster City, and served on the leadership team there from 2011–2014. She joined the Board in February 2018, and is excited to learn more about how God is moving in the world.

“I believe missions is about living each day with purpose and attention to what God is doing right where I am. I want to help equip other people to also live out their God-given mission wherever they are.”

Stanley Green

Has partnered with EMM as a sister mission agency for 12 years. Has served on the Board since 2012. Serves as the Executive Director of Mennonite Mission Network and attends Waterford Mennonite Church (Indiana Michigan Mennonite Conference) in Goshen, Indiana.

“I am grateful for the invitation to serve. I have so much to learn from the long experience and faithfulness of EMM in God’s mission.”

Akeia Haddox-Rossiter

Served as Missionary Support Team leader 2012–2013. Outreach Coordinator for Capital Christian Fellowship (LMC), working with food pantry, D.C. homeless ministry, and special events. Also serves as Assistant Worship Leader. Currently enrolled in STEP program at Eastern Mennonite University.

“Whether overseas or locally, I have the desire to support those who answer their call to the mission field, who immerse themselves in faith and culture, and who are transforming lives in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Tuyen Nguyen

Served with EMM in England for four years. Has served on the Board since 2014. Serves as a bishop in LMC and pastor at the Church for the Needy (LMC), in Philadelphia, Pa.

“I have been working closely with EMM in various capacities since 1986. I hope to learn from and contribute to EMM’s mission endeavors in the world.”

Keith Weaver

Ex-officio member

Has served on the Board since 1988. Serves as moderator for LMC and attends Blainsport Mennonite Church (LMC) in Reinholds, Pa.

“As a vitally important agency of LMC, EMM has an abundance of experience and resources to support congregations in being more fully sent into the mission of God. I value the opportunity to work with the board on living into our shared vision for the kingdom of God.”