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Technology intern | Lancaster, Pa., U.S.

  • Service term length or program: Mission internship
  • Region of service: North America
  • Location: Lancaster, Pa., U.S.
  • Ministry category: Muslim ministry

Every EMM worker's primary focus is to make disciples of Jesus. Handle technology and media needs for EMM's Christian/Muslim Relations Team (CMRT). Projects range from mailing list updates and computer backups to creating smooth systems of sharing information and resources in a secure yet accessible way. Learn about CMRT work through team meetings, periodic travel for speaking engagements, and one international trip with a team member.

Regional vision
EMM will continue to work for spiritual renewal within the region, partnering with existing churches and networks as they engage in mission. We remain alert for opportunities to send short- and long-term workers to North American areas with unreached immigrant communities.


  • Safely back up and archive team files, articles, etc.
  • Rebuild address book and fix all errors; recreate email groups.
  • Assist team members in backing up and archiving important files in accessible ways.
  • Create a secure shared team resource of all files and documents, accessible anywhere for those with permission.
  • Refresh PowerPoints, charts, outlines, etc., that our team uses regularly for presentations. Put these resources in formats that move easily across various platforms.
  • Expand and optimize a Google group for communicating with a developing global network of partners.
  • Buy software, hardware, storage space, etc.
  • Travel on one international trip with team member to experience that dimension of CMRT work and the technical needs that arise.

Lancaster, Pa. — where the five-member CMRT is based — is a semi-rural tourism- and agriculture-based county with a small but thriving city. Over the past decade, Lancaster has become a destination for refugees from many nations; this has significantly altered the demographics of the area. Members of the CMRT are all connected with the Mennonite church, but also relate to many other mission, academic, and ecumenical circles. A workspace will be provided for the intern — most likely in the home office of one of the team members.

Supervisors and colleagues
The technology intern will work with EMM’s Christian/Muslim Relations Team, which includes David and Grace Shenk, Jonathan Bornman, and Andres Prins. The team coordinator will provide oversight and accountability to the intern.

Skills and experience
Experience with computer technology, internet navigation and website development, social media, and media storage is required. Applicants should enjoy working behind the scenes in detailed and technical tasks. Sensitive and secure communication about CMRT work is essential due to the nature of the work.