EMM presidential search

EMM’s Board of Directors is seeking to identify the next president of EMM.

The presidential search team, consisting of nine individuals from across EMM’s constituencies, organized and began its work in February 2020. As they discern together God’s direction for the ninth president of EMM, they hope to recommend a candidate to the EMM Board by November 2020.

EMM Board members serving on the presidential search team are: Lyn Carlson, Atlantic Coast Conference of Mennonite Church USA; Joe Garber, LMC; Brian Martin, LMC (chair); Akeia Haddox-Rossiter, LMC; Lisa Zimmerman, independent Mennonite church; as well as Jon Byler, LMC; Tom Eshelman, LMC global delegate; Glenn Kauffman, LMC bishop; and Amos Stoltzfus, Alliance of Mennonite Evangelical Congregations.

The following information will help interested candidates to understand Eastern Mennonite Missions, the job of the president, and the candidacy process.

Job description
The EMM president is hired by the EMM Board of Directors and is responsible to the Board of Directors under a policy governance structure.

Organizational profile
Key components of the organization and how it currently functions under the president’s leadership.

A Garden in Spring
The current mission, vision, values, and guiding principles of EMM.

Board policy manual (available on request)
This document outlines the primary purposes of EMM, the relationship between the Board of Directors and the role of the president, and how the Board of Directors functions. These board policies follow the Carver model of Policy Governance.

Comments, questions, nominations, or interested applicants may contact Brian Martin, chair of the EMM Board of Directors, or send correspondence to:

Presidential Search Team
Eastern Mennonite Missions
53 W Brandt Blvd, PO Box 458
Salunga, PA 17538-0458