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Eastern Mennonite Missions' Representative Council is a group of missions advocates passionate about the ministries of EMM. Members of the Representative Council are chosen by congregations of EMM's partnering churches. This includes the churches of Lancaster Mennonite Conference, Franklin Mennonite Conference, Atlantic Coast Conference, Good News Fellowship, and New York Mennonite Conference, and others as added by the Board of Directors.

Representative Council's role is to:

  • Provide greater relational connection between EMM staff, the EMM Board, and its stakeholders.

  • Provide EMM staff with a group of missionally-minded people to advocate for the vision and mission of EMM.

  • Provide EMM board and staff with counsel and resourcing.

Representative Council will:

  • Serve as a relational bridge between stakeholders' interests and concerns and the work of EMM.

  • Serve as a relational bridge on behalf of EMM staff, board, and field workers.

  • Learn how to communicate EMM stories, ministries, and opportunities to others.

  • Counsel EMM Board or staff when asked, or initiate giving counsel as desired by the Representative Council.

  • Choose and appoint a Representative Council Leadership Team from among the members.

  • Provide the board with a slate of potential nominees to serve on the Board of Directors.

As individuals, Representative Council members will:

  • Prepare for, attend, and participate in Representative Council meetings.

  • Establish creative ways to connect EMM with their congregations on a regular basis.

  • Become personally informed about EMM programs, materials, workers, and stories.

  • Communicate opportunities and resources in their home congregations.

  • Shoulder tap individuals within their congregations who might be interested in various EMM assignments and placements.

  • Develop and maintain good connections with MSTs and EMM field workers from their home congregations.

  • Sensitively watch for people who could be recommended for Representative Council and EMM board positions.

  • Support and encourage their congregations' local mission efforts.

  • When possible, volunteer time, talent, expertise, and finances to EMM.

  • Pray regularly for EMM

What is the purpose of Representative Council?

EMM Representative Council serves as an adviser to the EMM Board of Directors. Representative Council members are also expected to resource and inform their home congregation about the work of EMM.

Who can be a member of the EMM Representative Council?

EMM Representative Council is comprised of persons appointed to Representative Council by their home congregation.

Can my home congregation be a member of Representative Council?

Representative Council is made up of members of churches from partnering conferences. This includes Lancaster Mennonite Conference, Franklin Mennonite Conference, Atlantic Coast Conference, New York Mennonite Conference, and Good News Fellowship. Each congregation can send one Representative Council member per congregation. Larger congregations may send one for each 100 church members.

I am a member of one of the congregations listed above, but we do not have an EMM Representative Council member. How do we get one?

Talk to the leadership of your congregation and let them know that they can appoint an EMM Representative Council member.

My congregation is not one of the partnering congregations listed above. Can we still join Representative Council?

A congregation or conference of congregations can join EMM Representative Council if they develop a fraternal relationship with Lancaster Mennonite Conference. Contact Lancaster Mennonite Conference for more information.

How is the Representative Council led?

Representative Council is led by the Representative Council Leadership Team. This team is comprised of the vice chair of the EMM Board of Directors and other Representative Council members selected to be on the Leadership Team. Members of the Leadership Team are chosen by the Representative Council.

Where do I get more information about Representative Council?

For more information read the RC ministry description tab.


How to be an effective RC member:

  1. Attend and participate in RC meetings.

  2. Read emails sent to RC members.

  3. Sign up to receive Transforming via email, a free electronic newsletter.

  4. Put EMM information into church bulletins.

  5. Show EMM videos in church services.

  6. Speak up during congregational sharing times.

  7. Communicate one-on-one with those from your congregation who are interested in missions.

  8. Encourage returning missionaries to share their experiences.

  9. Invite EMM speakers to come share with your congregation.

  10. Lead a discussion about missions/EMM in Sunday school classes and small groups.

  11. Disseminate urgent EMM requests quickly.

  12. Visit EMM, meet the staff, become familiar with how EMM operates.

  13. Go on a short-term mission trip with EMM.

  14. Read about mission efforts around the globe, not just through EMM but other agencies as well.

  15. Become familiar with your congregation's local mission outreach opportunities.

  16. Check out EMM's resources and make them available to your congregation.

  17. Sign up to receive Missionary Messenger.

  18. Communicate personally with your pastor and church leaders.

  19. Foster relationships with the missionary support teams (MSTs) in your congregation.

  20. Meet regularly with other RC members in your congregation or a nearby congregation to pray and brainstorm.