Representative Council

  • Meeting minutes
  • Tips and ideas for RC members

How to be an effective RC member:

  1. Attend and participate in RC meetings.

  2. Read emails sent to RC members.

  3. Sign up to receive Transforming via email, a free electronic newsletter.

  4. Put EMM information into church bulletins.

  5. Show EMM videos in church services.

  6. Speak up during congregational sharing times.

  7. Communicate one-on-one with those from your congregation who are interested in missions.

  8. Encourage returning missionaries to share their experiences.

  9. Invite EMM speakers to come share with your congregation.

  10. Lead a discussion about missions/EMM in Sunday school classes and small groups.

  11. Disseminate urgent EMM requests quickly.

  12. Visit EMM, meet the staff, become familiar with how EMM operates.

  13. Go on a short-term mission trip with EMM.

  14. Read about mission efforts around the globe, not just through EMM but other agencies as well.

  15. Become familiar with your congregation's local mission outreach opportunities.

  16. Check out EMM's resources and make them available to your congregation.

  17. Sign up to receive Missionary Messenger.

  18. Communicate personally with your pastor and church leaders.

  19. Foster relationships with the missionary support teams (MSTs) in your congregation.

  20. Meet regularly with other RC members in your congregation or a nearby congregation to pray and brainstorm.