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The Impact Fund is essential to all areas of EMM’s mission. It enables EMM to recruit and send workers, cover some of the cost of worker support, update constituents through publications like Missionary Messenger, provide salaries and benefits for the staff who support these activities, and much more. A charitable gift for which you do not indicate a preference will benefit the Impact Fund.

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April 12, 2019

Recurring gift

Written by Micah Brickner

April 12, 2019

One-time gift

Written by Micah Brickner

April 12, 2019


Written by Micah Brickner


May 30, 2018

2018 EMM events sponsors

Written by Micah Brickner

Each year, EMM’s annual events are made possible through sponsorships from community-oriented businesses. These sponsors help to create a memorable year of EMM events that bring the community together to engage in missions at home and around the world. Thanks to each of our sponsors!

Become an EMM events sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Everence is a faith-based, member-owned financial services organization that provides banking, insurance, investments, asset management, financial planning, charitable services, stewardship education, and more to individuals, congregations, and organizations.


Silver Sponsors

The Smucker family extends a warm welcome to visitors of Bird-in-Hand, with an array of lodging, dining and entertainment options, plus special events and authentic experiences.


Executive Printing is a full-service company, delivering fast, affordable, full-color products and services, including offset, digital, and letterpress solutions.


Gibbel Kraybill & Hess (GKH) LLP has been engaged in the general practice of law and providing legal services to clients in the South Central and eastern parts of Pennsylvania since 1977.

Paradise Energy Solutions is a family-owned, full-service solar installation company that provides turnkey grid-tied solar installations throughout the mid-Atlantic region for businesses, farmers, and homeowners.

Weaver Turf Power, Inc. supports outdoor power equipment with sales, service, and parts for the residential and commercial market.


Yoder Design Co. is an independently-owned, Lancaster-based graphic design business that works in website design, brand development, and more.

Are you interested in multiplying the work of EMM by sharing your time and talents? EMM has many opportunities for you to participate in the mission of God by volunteering through our administrative offices in Lancaster County, using the gifts and passions God has given you. Contact Sherrie Ober to learn more, or complete the application now and someone will reach out to you. 

April 13, 2018

Moving in mission Capital Campaign

Written by Micah Brickner

EMM believes that God is calling us to increase missional outreach right here in our own community by moving to 450 North Prince Street in Lancaster City. Your gifts help make that vision a reality. EMM is thankful for your generosity! Check this page to stay updated on our progress as we work toward moving to Lancaster City.


April 10, 2018

Families in mission

Written by Micah Brickner

Deciding to live and serve in another culture is a significant, life-changing choice. As parents, you will need to consider the impact on your children. EMM is ready to walk with you and your children before, during, and after your mission assignment. We want your family to thrive, not just survive!

At EMM, we refer to children who live between two cultures as Third Culture Kids (TCKs). TCKs often do not identify fully with one culture or the other, but instead experience life in a unique way. While TCKs often develop broader perspectives and the special ability to bridge cultures, there are distinct challenges to feeling like no culture is entirely their own.

EMM offers numerous parental and child-focused resources for families serving in missions:

  • Discussions about family issues with EMM staff
  • Educational consultations with EMM staff and former or current missionaries in the region of service
  • Age-appropriate sessions for TCKs at pre-field training
  • Home leave retreats for TCKs
  • Personal contact and ongoing support from EMM’s TCK coach
  • Family re-entry retreat at completion of service
  • TCK-specific one- and two-week reentry retreats for youth 14 and up 

Jeanette Hunt, EMM’s Third Culture Kid coach, grew up as a TCK herself. She is available to meet with you to discuss the benefits and challenges children encounter growing up in another culture. She will gladly answer your questions and can also put you in contact with other parents who are in a similar situation.

“We have never regretted raising our children abroad. Why? Our children are experienced travelers with a rich wealth of European experience and culture. They have sat around tables with Muslims, atheists, agnostics, wounded believers, and passionate followers of Jesus … having conversations which add flavor to the formation of their own faith. Our children give up their beds for visitors and say goodbye more often than hello, but know how to interact well with adults. Our children carry a mark that distinctly separates them from friends where they live and peers in the culture of their parents. They ache to belong, to be near family and friends, yet have a level of maturity often noted by others.” — EMM workers Alan and Carol Wert, parents of three, serving in Wales since 1999

April 10, 2018

Why serve with EMM?

Written by Micah Brickner

Based on over 120 years of mission experience, we at EMM strive to integrate best sending practices and support systems into every stage of a worker’s mission assignment. From your first encounter with EMM to your last day on the mission field (and beyond), EMM is committed to walking with you in our core values of obedience, well-being, and multiplication every step of the way. Here are some of the ways EMM helps our long-term workers succeed so that they can join in the mission we share together:

Christ’s transforming love compels us to
     cross cultures
     engage the world
     and make disciples of Jesus


Discernment process
To help you succeed on the mission field, we believe that spending time getting to know you and discerning your gifts, hopes, and desires is vital. EMM’s long-term appointment process explores the best mission placement for you through methods such as a doctrinal questionnaire, references, personality profiles, a Marital Satisfaction Inventory/Single Satisfaction Scale, and simply having conversations to learn what makes you you.

Launch is EMM’s three-phase training process that prepares missionaries to cross cultures and make disciples. Through eight online learning modules, a two-week intensive course, and an online cohort to help you stay connected once you’re on the field, Launch equips you to develop your cross-cultural understanding in an increasingly globalized world and build your mission and discipleship skills to help all people encounter Jesus.


Families in mission
The majority of EMM’s long-term workers have children, and we at EMM believe that living and serving overseas as a family can be deeply rewarding. At the same time, children growing up in another culture experience their own set of challenges and require understanding and care. EMM offers numerous parental and child-focused resources to help your whole family succeed, including ongoing support from Jeanette Hunt, EMM’s Third Culture Kid coach.

Commissioning service
EMM workers preparing to enter or re-enter the mission field are commissioned for service, surrounded by family and friends at this community-wide event. The service includes worship, a guest speaker, and a time of commissioning each worker or worker family. Afterwards, chat and say goodbyes at an ice cream social!

Regional retreats
EMM workers serving in the same region of the world (e.g. West Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.) come together periodically to rest and reconnect with fellow workers who share some of their challenges and joys.

Oasis connects and strengthens the EMM community through resourcing and rest. This annual week-long summer retreat for long-term workers features speakers, fellowship, and relaxation in a camp setting. The aim is to help workers be refreshed and better equipped to multiply disciples wherever they go. Workers attend Oasis during their home leave.

Reentry retreat
EMM understands that readjusting to your home culture can be as difficult as entering a new culture. That’s why each summer, EMM, along with other mission agencies, hosts a reentry retreat for any returning missionaries and their children who are completing their assignment. This retreat provides much-needed space to reflect on your mission experiences and prepare to begin a new chapter.


Missionary Support Teams
We’ve seen that missionaries thrive when they’re surrounded by an intentional support system. That’s why EMM helps each missionary form a Missionary Support Team. Family and friends volunteer to serve in roles like prayer facilitator, finance coordinator, and church communicator, providing holistic support from the time you begin preparing for service until you come back home.

Whether you serve two years on the mission field or 30, EMM is committed to helping you succeed in your life, ministry, and calling to make disciples. Long-term workers will have regular in-person or Skype check-ins and at least one visit per year with their regional representative — usually an experienced worker serving in and overseeing the region. EMM’s strategic coaches periodically visit each region, giving oversight and vision to the ministry work happening there.

Serving as a long-term missionary is a wonderful calling — and it's also a big challenge. If you choose to serve with EMM, the support systems described above are designed to help you grow in obedience, thrive spiritually and emotionally, and be equipped to make disciples wherever you go. We hope EMM's commitment to authentic and purposeful sending and supporting blesses you on your ministry journey.

February 1, 2018

Short URLs

Written by Micah Brickner
January 25, 2018

EMM partners

Written by Micah Brickner

A partner is an organization with whom we are mutually and actively engaged. EMM values, nurtures, and pursues partnerships in all our work. EMM partners with groups and organizations in a variety of ways. Some partnerships have written agreements; other partnerships are more informal. EMM is committed to strong collaborative relationships with all partners mentioned here.

  • Africa

    Africa Association of Bible Schools: An organization located in Accra, Ghana, which exists to resource African Bible schools. EMM coaches the director of this program, who is an associated EMM worker. Learn more here.

    Eastleigh Fellowship Centre: EMM workers David and Grace Shenk founded this center in the Eastleigh neighborhood of Nairobi, Kenya, in 1978. It is a community center with the goal of fostering dialogue and friendship between Christians and Muslims, and also providing youth with a safe place to do constructive activities like sports. Learn more here.

    Kanisa la Mennonite Tanzania (KMT): The KMT was the first international church established by EMM workers, who arrived in 1934 and founded the church the following year. In 1966, Zedekia Kisare was chosen as the first national bishop. In 1972, the church revised its constitution and adopted a Swahili name, “Kanisa la Mennonite Tanzania”, although “Tanzania Mennonite Church” (TMC) is also used. KMT is officially associated with Mennonite World Conference. In 2006, KMT had 50,560 members in 286 congregations. EMM and KMT partner through membership in the International Missions Association. Learn more here.

    Kenya Mennonite Church (KMC): The Tanzania Mennonite Church (Kanisa la Mennonite Tanzania, or KMT), which was planted by EMM in the 1930s, spread the gospel to Kenya throughout the subsequent decades. In 1977, the Kenya Mennonite Church was established as an entity separate from KMT. In 2006 KMT had 11,800 members in 140 congregations. EMM and KMC partner through membership in the International Missions Association. Learn more here.

    Mennonite Church of West Africa: Mennonite Church of West Africa is part of a Mennonite mission presence in West Africa since 2000. The mission began first in The Gambia and by 2005 the good news was being carried to Guinea Bissau by new believers from The Gambia. Most of the work focuses on the Balanta people, but other people groups are also part of the emerging church. The mission is sponsored by EMM and seeks to establish an Anabaptist circle of churches in those two countries plus in the intervening territory of Senegal. The Mennonite Church in West Africa includes health and community development initiatives, including a preschool and a health clinic.

    Meserete Kristos Church (MKC): This Mennonite church, the largest circle of Mennonite churches in the world, grew from the witness of Mennonite missionaries — including EMM workers — and relief workers after World War II. Affiliated with Mennonite World Conference. Established 1959. EMM and MKC partner through membership in the International Missions Association.

    Sierra Leone United Brethren in Christ Mission: EMM workers are currently partnering with this organization by working at a rural hospital in Sierra Leone founded by this mission.

    Tanzania Mennonite Church (KMT): See Kanisa la Mennonite Tanzania.

  • Asia

    Cambodia dormitory: A university student ministry started in Phnom Penh by EMM and Franklin District of LMC. There are dorms for both men and women. Currently EMM workers head this ministry.

    The Conference of Mennonite Churches in Hong Kong Limited (CMCHK; 3 churches): EMM workers like James K. Stauffer helped to establish a Mennonite church body in Hong Kong during the 1960s. Learn more about CMCHK here and here.

    GITJ (Gereja Injili di Tanah Jawa; “Evangelical Church of Java”): The Javanese Mennonite conference of the north central part of the island of Java, Indonesia. EMM has partnered with the church for mission training and outreach. EMM also partners with GITJ through membership in the International Missions Association. Learn more here.

    GKMI: See Indonesia Muria Mennonite churches.

    Indonesia Muria Mennonite churches (GKMI): The Indonesia Muria Mennonite churches (abbreviated in Indonesian as GKMI), were birthed in the early 1920s when a special visitation of God resulted in 88 new baptized believers in the Mount Muria region. PIPKA serves as their “conference” mission board. Occasionally referred to as Muria Synod. Indonesian name: Persatuan Gereja-Gereja Kristen Muria Indonesia. EMM workers in the region have worked alongside this circle of churches.

    Life Enrichment Church (LEC): EMM workers helped to establish house churches in Thailand, which became self governing in 2005. Outreach outside the churches included financial counselling and a ministry for HIV and AIDS sufferers. EMM workers continue to work with the church.

    New Life Ministries (NLM): Founded in 1979 as a multifaceted Christian ministry in India, NLM has established an orphanage, school, Bible college, and missionary training center, among other things. EMM is involved in fundraising efforts for NLM ministry projects.

    Phnom Penh Mennonite Church (PPMC): Began as an EMM church plant in 1996. Since then, the church has become an important outreach to the Khmer people and university students living in the Cambodian national capital. Learn more here.

    PIPKA: The mission board of GKMI (Union of Muria Christian Churches of Indonesia), founded in 1965. PIPKA is an acronym for Pekabaran Injil dan Pelayanan Kasih (evangelization and service). PIPKA sends missionaries, church planters, and community development workers to the various islands and provinces of Indonesia that cannot be reached by the Muria churches (which are located primarily in Central Java). Among PIPKA’s ministries are: leadership training; church planting; charity and social services in areas such as disaster relief, scholarship, and support for undeveloped regions; and community development, with projects in agriculture, fish farming, and cattle raising. PIPKA and EMM partner through the International Missions Association, which they both helped found.

    Vietnam Mennonite Church: Mennonite Central Committee workers entered Vietnam in 1954, followed by the first EMM workers in 1957. The Vietnam Mennonite Church struggled to become legally recognized for 15 years, finally receiving official recognition in 2007. Today, EMM partners with the church in leadership training.

  • Europe


    Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren: EMM church planting workers have collaborated with and been trained by leaders in the Czech Brethren Church in preparation for training disciples and witnessing in Eastern Europe. Learn more here.

    German Mennonite Church: EMM and the German Mennonite Church partner in running Freiwilligem Sozialen Jahr (“Voluntary Service Year”), a program that allows youth to serve locally (fsj-at.org). EMM and the German Mennonite Church also partner in sending cross-cultural mission workers.

    Lezha Academic Center: EMM, along with Virginia Mennonite Missions, founded the Lezha Academic Center in 2011 in order to provide the youth of Albania with a strong education and opportunity for spiritual growth. EMM continues to provide staff for the school. albanianchristianschool.org

    LCC International University: Founded in 1991 and located in Klaipeda, eastern Lithuania, LCC International University seeks to educate young leaders and expose them to the truths of Christ. EMM has provided a number of volunteer support staff. Formerly Lithuania Christian College (LCC). lcc.lt

    Lithuania Evangelical Bible Institute (LEBI): EMM works with LEBI to provide scholarships for students and leadership training. mbmission.org/countries/lithuania

    Soli Deo: EMM provides funds and personnel to this intercultural fellowship of believers located in the immigrant hotspot of Halle, Germany. soli-deo.de/en

  • Latin America

    Academia Los Pinares: A bilingual English/Spanish school for students of all ages near Tegucigalpa, Honduras. EMM first founded the school as a boarding school for missionary children. Enrollment is now over 700. EMM workers continue to serve at the school. pinares.org

    Amor Viviente: A circle of churches in Honduras, established in 1974. Amor Viviente resulted from a charismatic youth ministry in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, started by EMM missionaries Ed and Gloria King. In 2003, Amor Viviente had over 10,000 members in 48 congregations across eight countries. EMM and Amor Viviente partner through membership in the International Missions Association. Learn more here.

    Belize Evangelical Mennonite Church: Hurricane Hattie, which hit Belize hard in 1961, prompted the arrival of numerous Mennonite agencies to provide disaster relief, including EMM. The presence of these Mennonite agencies led to the founding of the Belize Evangelical Church in 1973. Currently EMM is working with the Belize Evangelical Mennonite Church as a channel to provide scholarships to local high school students.

    Centro Cristiano Internacional (CCI) (Honduras): CCI is a network of Honduran and international churches, founded by President Dr. René Peñalba. CCI has more than 500 churches in Honduras and around the world Learn more here.

    Evangelical Mennonite Church (El Salvador): Related to the Honduran Mennonite Church begun by EMM workers. Currently partners with EMM in mission and discipleship training. Learn more here.

    Evangelical Mennonite Church (Guatemala): EMM workers planted the beginnings of this Mennonite conference in Alta Verapaz and Guatemala City in 1968. It is now the second-largest Mennonite conference in Guatemala. EMM workers continue to support this conference’s work. Learn more here.  

    Honduran Evangelical Mennonite Church (IEMH): Iglesia Evangélica Menonita, Honduras (Evangelical Mennonite Church, Honduras) had its beginnings in Trujillo in 1950 with the arrival of the first Mennonite missionaries, EMM workers George and Grace Miller.  As of 2003, there were over 100 congregations with 9,000 members. EMM and IEMH partner through membership in the International Missions Association. Learn more here.

    K’ekchi’ Mennonite Church: The K’ekchi’ Mennonite Church, birthed with the first baptized believers in 1972, now numbers about 10,000 members in approximately 130 congregations. The K’ekchi’ people are one of approximately 22 indigenous Mayan people groups in Guatemala, the K’ekchi’ rank about third in population size. They live at a subsistence level, primarily in the Alta Verapaz and Peten regions, picking coffee and cardamom on large plantations. EMM workers continue to walk alongside the church, and its educational and vocational residential center for K’ekchi’ youth and young adults called Bezaleel.

    La Comisión de Discipulado y Misión (CoDiMi) (The Commission of Discipleship and Mission): A 10-month mission and discipleship training program for Central American youth, organized by leaders of Mennonite conferences in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize, and with ideological and logistical support from EMM and VidaNet. Learn more here.

    Mennonite Church in Charallave (Venezuela): This congregation is part of the Council of Mennonite Evangelical Churches in Venezuela, the conference of churches that developed out of the mission activity of EMM in Venezuela. Charallave is an industrial town 42 mi. south of Caracas; the church was founded in 1982. EMM has sent relief funds to this congregation. Learn more here.

    Mennonite Church of Peru (Iglesia Evangélica Menonita de Peru): The Mennonite church among the Quechua, an indigenous people group in Peru. The Quechua Mennonite Church was started through the efforts of EMM missionaries, the first Mennonite missionaries to the Cusco, Peru, region. One way EMM workers partner with this church is by assisting with PROSIM,  a traveling health ministry that brings health education to far-flung mountain villages.

    Niños Caminando en Victoria (Children Walking in Victory): A nonprofit dedicated to preventing the sexual abuse of children in Chile through educational workshops for both children and parents. This nonprofit was founded by couple Eliana Medina and Ricardo Ibaceta. Local EMM workers walk alongside this ministry. Niños Caminando en Victoria has made periodic visits to the PROMESA school in Peru to present its workshops. Learn more here.

    PROMESA: A K-11 school founded in 2005 by the Peruvian Mennonite Church, with the help of an EMM worker. This school now includes about 300 students, many of whom are from Quechua and/or evangelical backgrounds. EMM workers frequently serve at PROMESA, teaching English and occasionally other subjects. promesamenonita.com

    VidaNet: A multifaceted mission and discipleship ministry in Heredia, Costa Rica. Founded by DeLynn and Gloria Hoover in 2003, VidaNet now includes mission opportunities, a 10-month discipleship program called Vida220, and El Nido crisis pregnancy center. EMM workers are helping with VidaNet’s programs, and EMM is actively sending youth to be discipled through Vida220. vidanetonline.org

    We Help Children: A nonprofit ministry that helps children in crisis heal spiritually and emotionally. We Help Children operates in Guatemala, Honduras, and Chicago. EMM mission interns have served with this organization in several orphanages in Guatemala. wehelpchildren.org

    White Dove School: The White Dove School in Santa Clara, Honduras, was started in 2010 as a Christian school for local children. It currently has nearly 100 students in kindergarten through middle school, and adds a new grade every year. EMM works with the White Dove School to provide scholarships for local children. whitedoveschool.com

  • North America

    Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC): A Mennonite conference of churches in the mid-Atlantic region. atlanticcoastconference.net

    Church World Service Lancaster: A refugee resettlement agency in Lancaster, Pa. CWS works hand-in-hand with caring churches, organizations, and individuals to provide help and homes to refugees. EMM and CWS partner to provide information/training sessions to help the public understand and connect with refugee needs. cwslancaster.org

    Eastern District Conference: A Mennonite conference of churches located in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. easterndistrict.org

    Evana Network: EMM is a strategic partner with the Evana Network.

    Evangelical Garifuna Churches: These Garifuna Mennonite churches in New York City have been planted by immigrants who are of the Garifuna people group, an indigenous group from coastal areas of Central America. EMM partners with these churches for cross-cultural outreach.

    Good News Fellowship (GNF): A network of churches in the Southern U.S. originally founded by LMC. EMM works with GNF to help plant churches. gnfonline.org

    Immerse International: Based in Millersville, Pa., Immerse International is an English-language immersion program and community living situation for students from all over the world. EMM and Immerse International partner for the international student ministry worker internship, which brings local and international youth together to live and learn in community. immerse-us.com

    International Christian Mission Services: Based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, ICMS helps to facilitate Canadian citizens serving internationally with EMM. icmsgo.com

    International Missions Association (IMA): An association of Anabaptist mission bodies established for prayer, mutual support, and partnering in carrying out the Great Commission. It was begun in 1997 by four members (PIPKA of Indonesia, MKC of Ethiopia, Amor Viviente of Honduras, and EMM of the U.S.), and presently includes more than 20 members. For a list of other partners, visit emm.org/ima.

    Lancaster County Refugee Coalition (LCRC): An organization that exists to improve refugee integration in Lancaster County by empowering the community to incorporate refugees into social services and community systems. EMM is a member. lancasterrefugees.org

    LMC — a fellowship of Anabaptist churches: Formerly known as Lancaster Mennonite Conference, this is a large Mennonite conference of churches consisting mostly of churches in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. EMM has always been closely connected with LMC in a variety of ways, including projects and church planting. lmcchurches.org

    Mennonite Central Committee (MCC): A worldwide Anabaptist ministry agency focused on relief, development, and peace in the name of Christ. EMM and MCC jointly created ASOPortal.org, a website where older adults can locate short-term international service opportunities. mcc.org

    Mennonite Children’s Choir of Lancaster (MCCL): A Mennonite choir program for children in grades 1–12, MCCL is a program of Lancaster Mennonite School. EMM partners with MCCL for international ministry trips. mennonitechildrenschoir.org

    Mennonite Mission Network (MMN): A mission agency program of Mennonite Church USA. Partners with EMM in sending and strategy. mennonitemission.net

    Missional Pathways: A mission consulting network that matches community members with mission opportunities and resources. Missional Pathways is a partnership of EMM and Lancaster Mennonite Conference. missionalpathways.org

    New York Mennonite Conference: A Mennonite conference of churches located mostly in New York state. nymennonite.org

    Partners in Evangelism (PIE): A network that connects national missionaries with supporting churches. This group of businesspeople meets several times a year to hear reports of ongoing projects, plan fundraising (including an annual banquet), and offer counsel.

    The Refugee Center and Community School at Reynolds (RCCSR): An IU13 community center housed at Reynolds Middle School (School District of Lancaster) with a focus on refugees and immigrants. EMM partners with RCCSR for K-team events and other refugee-related work. Learn more here.

    Rosedale Mennonite Missions (RMM): The mission agency of the Conservative Mennonite Conference (CMC). Partners with EMM in sending and strategy. A member of the International Missions Association. rosedalemennonitemissions.org

    Shalom Council of Evangelical Churches (Concilio Iglesias Evangelicas Shalom): The Shalom Council, a network of LMC, was organized in 1970. It seeks to plant churches, evangelize, and coordinate work among Spanish Mennonite churches in the eastern U.S. The Council also works in Latin America, including Mexico and Costa Rica. EMM and the Concilio partner through membership in the International Missions Association.

    Virginia Mennonite Missions (VMM): A Harrisonburg, Va.-based mission agency that was started as the mission agency of Virginia Mennonite Conference. Partners with EMM in sending and strategy; founded Albania Mennonite Mission together and work as partners in Albania, Kosovo, and Thailand. EMM and VMM partner to help fund Albania Roma Ministry, an outreach of the Albania Mennonite Church in Lezhe. vmmissions.org

    Word of Grace Network: A relationship-based fellowship of church leaders that was formally launched in 2001, with seven founding members who were pastoring churches across New York. EMM and Word of Grace Network partner through membership in the International Missions Association. penn-clark.com

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