July 3, 2017

Messenger has a message!

Written by  Kaylene Derksen

How do people stay informed about all the amazing work God is doing around the world? The Impact Fund enables EMM to tell mission stories through the Missionary Messenger magazine.

What role does Missionary Messenger play in God’s work through EMM? Many say it’s where they learn how EMM’s work is impacting the world. In the case of workers Owen and Abby*, Missionary Messenger was the instrument God used to point them in the direction of their future.

Owen and Abby had already applied to serve as missionaries, but still did not know where they wanted to go. They read everything they could get their hands on from EMM as the call to be sent burned within them. It was while reading a Missionary Messenger article about a worker serving in a Muslim context that Owen felt God’s guidance. The story popped off the page for him.

He didn’t even the know the location, but the article drew him in as it described a Muslim student discussing the Bible with an EMM teacher. Even though he still considered himself to be Muslim, this young man started living out his calling as a disciple of Jesus. He even started teaching the Bible to others.

Owen remembers, “When I read this I became ecstatic!” He turned to his wife and said, “This is where I want to go.”

Is Missionary Messenger important? Owen and Abby would say it is! That article was what God used to lead them towards their current ministry, serving in one of the “hard” places.

By the way, the Muslim student from the article said yes to Jesus and was baptized four months ago in his home country, which is where Owen and Abby are now serving.

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Kaylene Derksen serves as Development director at EMM.

*Due to sensitivities, pseudonyms are used.