February 2019 Mission Intercessor

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*Name(s) changed or last name(s) omitted for security reasons.

1 (Fri.) Vietnam
Middle and high school teachers are needed to teach “Essential Skills and Dispositions” courses at a private school. Ask that God might send the right people to fill these roles.

2 (Sat.) Middle East
Bible studies are multiplying in homes throughout the region and the power of God’s word is transforming lives. Join with Michael and Laura* in rejoicing at how God is bringing together people from different religious backgrounds in these Bible studies.

3 (Sun.) U.S.
Pray for young adult applicants to fill summer Kingdom Team staff positions for Lancaster, Pa. Ask that God might send both male and female staff members to interact with students.

4 (Mon.) Sierra Leone
Pray for Jonathan and Heleen Yoder as they discern their future in Sierra Leone. Pray for additional workers to join in with the discipleship and community work they started.

5 (Tues.) U.S.
In this time of continued transition and leadership adjustment, please continue to pray for all of EMM.

6 (Wed.) Czech Republic
Pray for the women in Stacy Nofziger’s English class who are interested in Christianity. Pray for continued opportunities for her to share the reason she has hope. Also, ask God to continue strengthening relationships with people she met at the English camps.

7 (Thurs.) France
Pray for a team of interns to be recruited for an assignment in Marseilles, France, where a school and dormitory have created an international community ideal for discipleship opportunities.

8 (Fri.) Thailand
Praise God for the healing journeys that happened in the lives of some of the people that Stephen Horst and Bethany Tobin work with. Join them in prayer for continued healing in both believers and non-believers’ lives and for more people to choose to follow Jesus.

9 (Sat.) U.S.
Pray for the many conversations that are happening with interested individuals regarding short-term assignments. Ask God to give clear direction for where He is leading people.

10 (Sun.) Germany
Pray for Jonas and Hannah* as they plan for an upcoming sabbatical leave. Ask that God might provide rest during this season.

11 (Mon.) U.S.
Ask that God might send a community worker to assist with summer programs for school-age children in Queens, New York City, U.S.

12 (Tues.) East Africa
Pray for a worker* as he teaches peace and conflict studies and ethics courses. Lift up another worker* as she pilots a project to get community health volunteers to visit premature babies in the hospital.

13 (Wed.) U.S.
Join RiversEdge Fellowship in praying for an administrative assistant to use their organizational gifts within this diverse congregation in Lancaster City, Pa., that includes a large Nepalese refugee population.

14 (Thurs.) Guatemala
Pray for Andi Starner as she finishes high school and prepares for a mission internship in Guatemala beginning in the fall. Ask God to calm her nerves about the unknowns of this next season for her.

15 (Fri.) U.S.
Thank God for the staff of EMM who work very hard to care for the workers where they are on location. Pray for rest and peace as they continue to provide the much-needed resources for all EMM workers.

16 (Sat.) Czech Republic
Jan Heindel is enjoying the many experiences she has as she interacts with the people of Prague. Continue to pray that she will be able to model a Biblical lifestyle as she teaches and serves in the Czech Republic.

17 (Sun.) Southeast Asia
Praise God that Shirah Burns plans to return to Southeast Asia after a brief internship last summer! Pray for health as she moves forward in plans to return in the fall.

18 (Mon.) Central Asia
Praise God that a coffee ministry is going well for Jayden and Anika.* Pray that this outreach will thrive, God's word will be able to be shared with non-believers, and that it too could serve as a way to disciple those who are believers.

19 (Tues.) U.S.
EMM is recruiting a regional representative for Southeast Asia. Pray for discernment as we interact with a number of couples who have expressed interest.

20 (Wed.) Germany
Ask that the ministry of hospitality and prayer with which Eric and Janelle* will be serving would be powerful and effective in bringing the gospel to those who have never heard.

21 (Thurs.) Southeast Asia
Pray for God to give Ben and Lena* clear vision as they serve in business for transformation in Southeast Asia. Ask for them to have favor with the people they work with.

22 (Fri.) Wales, U.K.
Pray for Victoria Derosier’s Missionary Support Team as they work to raise remaining funds for Victoria’s term. Ask God to provide in abundance for all that she needs.

23 (Sat.) Honduras
Opportunities exist for elementary or high school teachers to teach at Academia Los Pinares in Honduras. Pray for more teachers to be sent through EMM.

24 (Sun.) South Sudan
Nicole Hess is thankful that the basketball courts at her school are finished. Pray with her that those courts would be a place where the peace of God is experienced for each and every child that steps foot on them.

25 (Mon.) U.S.
Thank God for the wonderful way EMM is financially supported. Pray that everything needed for the work of God through EMM would continue to be provided.

26 (Tues.) Czech Republic
English tutors are needed to facilitate conversational English groups or classes in one of several possible locations. Pray that God might send the people to serve in this way.

27 (Wed.) Kenya
Pray for Debbi DiGennaro in her role as the regional representative for East Africa, as she and her family live in Nairobi, Kenya.

28 (Thurs.) Germany
Pray for a mission intern as he prepares to serve in Germany following the summer 2019 training events.

*Name(s) changed or last name(s) omitted for sensitivity reasons.



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CHICAGO — At the largest annual Muslim gathering in North America, thousands of Muslims browsed a bustling bazaar showcasing products, businesses, and opportunities by and for Muslims. Of over 500 booths, only one represented a commitment to dialogue and friendship from the perspective of committed followers of Jesus the Messiah.

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SALUNGA, Pa. — Nathanael Thorne and Joseph Manneh, friends from across the world, didn’t expect to meet again. For 10 months, their 2012–2013 Guinea-Bissau EMM YES team brought together nine missions-minded youth from West Africa and the U.S., including Thorne, from Washington, D.C., and Manneh, from The Gambia.

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SALUNGA, Pa. — “There would be many reasons for staying at home. We have already given our best 25 years to overseas work. We have built a house but have rarely lived in it. Our fruit trees invite us to remain and consume their bountiful harvest. Our parents have been in the hospital several times of late. We would enjoy keeping frequent contact with our growing children in the United States.”

Those were the words of missionary James Sauder (February 4, 1935 – July 22, 2016) after 25 years of evangelism, church planting, Bible teaching, and leadership development through Eastern Mennonite Missions (EMM) in Honduras and beyond. Yet Sauder and his wife Rhoda left home again to live and serve in the Dominican Republic, extending their missionary career to 30 years with EMM.

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Evelyn Hershey spent a yearlong term (2015–2016) serving as a hostess at Amani Gardens Inn in Nairobi, Kenya. Evelyn also taught art, traveled, and worshiped with East Africans!

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SALUNGA, Pa. — She wrote countless lesson plans, graded hundreds of compositions, welcomed students who needed a listening ear at all hours, and poured many, many cups of tea. She had a quiet but profound influence on early leaders of Meserete Kristos Church in Ethiopia, the largest Anabaptist conference in the world today.

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Nuen, a pseudonym due to sensitivities in her work, lives in Thailand where she walks alongside the local church and works in economic development. She shares a glimpse of her house, gardens, a kitchen "pet," and her life in Southeast Asia.

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WILLOW STREET, Pa. — Thirty-two adults and children were commissioned as missionaries at EMM’s commissioning service on July 10, 2016, at Willow Street Mennonite Church. The workers, both new and reappointed, will be serving in 14 countries including the U.S.

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WILLOW STREET, Pa. — More than 1,000 visitors enjoyed learning about the cultures, foods, and customs of countries around the world at Eastern Mennonite Missions’ Global Fair on Saturday, July 9, 2016. The grounds of the Hans Herr House and Museum were filled with exhibits hosted by EMM workers, staff, volunteers, and friends of more than 16 countries around the world. Visitors could purchase delicious food from places like Somalia, Puerto Rico, and Tajikistan. Children enjoyed creating free crafts, petting llamas, and playing a variety of international games.

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MILTON, Pa. Inviting a Muslim family to share a meal in your home: is this simple action key to helping Christians build bridges of friendship with their Muslim neighbors? After leading a group of Community Mennonite Fellowship congregants through sections of David W. Shenk’s “Approaches to Islam” video course, that’s just what Ron Geib did. And after a class filled with enthusiastic learning and discussion, about 20 other churchgoers are better prepared to take those simple, significant steps toward making Muslim friends.

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