Welcoming Refugees: an evening of prayer and sharing

Have you helped welcome refugees to the U.S. through language-learning, transportation, sharing meals, friendship, and more? In a hundred different ways, the people of Lancaster County have gathered around our newest community members to show them they’re valued and help them build new lives. But there’s no instruction manual for helping refugees during this unprecedented global crisis, which means that those involved in welcoming friends from other cultures may feel alone in their questions, challenges, or realizations.

That’s why EMM and Church World Service are offering “Welcoming Refugees: an evening of prayer and sharing." This is a time to gather with others who are involved in local cross-cultural relationships. Share your experiences, support each other, and pray for one another. Find space to talk about struggles and joys. Connect with others who share your heart, knowing that your acts of service and friendship are part of something bigger. And come away feeling heard and encouraged.

No registration necessary. Kids are welcome! Questions? Contact Jessica Fellenger.