Join us at the EMM vision and fundraising banquet

Everyone moving in mission in a changing world

The past 100 years have seen more change than perhaps any other century in human history — and EMM has existed through it all.

As WWI, “the war to end all wars,” raged, EMM was being founded to fill the world with hope rather than destruction. In the midst of the Great Depression, EMM was scraping together nonexistent funds to send its first international missionaries to Tanzania. As 52 American diplomats and citizens were being held in Iran during the hostage crisis, EMM was preparing to pioneer work in the Middle East.

EMM’s DNA hasn’t changed over the last hundred years — bringing hope and transformation through Jesus has always been the goal. But our quickly-changing world has always required EMM to keep listening to the voice of God and be ready to launch into the unknown!

So come to EMM’s banquet, enjoy a meal with friends, and explore questions with EMM staff, missionaries, and other community members. What are the world’s greatest needs in today’s point in history? How is God calling EMM to act, adapt, or grow to meet those needs now? And how can you move in mission, too?

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The deadline to register is October 16. Questions? Contact Jessica Fellenger.