Prayer and fasting

“Prayer is breathing the breath of heaven. It is the master key to everything we have been called to do. Without it, our activities are empty, human and lack the breath of heaven.” – John Godson, Marks of Authentic Mission blog, October 22, 2011

Mission needs to be steeped in prayer! On Tuesday, April 11, friends of EMM and people with a passion for prayer are invited to pray and fast individually throughout the day. Then join EMM staff for an evening of corporate worship and intercessory prayer for local and global EMM ministry.

Child care is not provided, but children are welcome as long as they are accompanied by their parents. For more information, contact Jessica Herlein.

The evening of prayer takes place in Westview Community Room at Landis Homes. Look at a map of Landis Homes here.

"Behind a successful mission work are bended knees, begging hands, sobbing hearts and tearful eyes before God's throne of grace. The more we pray, the more we deeply understand the importance of prayer, and certainly, the more we realize that missions and prayers are inseparable." – Pastor Jose B. Cabaiar, The Power of Prayer in Global Mission, February 26, 2009

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