Discipleship training

EMM is committed to catalyzing, resourcing, and encouraging the multiplication of missional discipleship across the church. We desire to see people who are growing as disciples to also be making disciples. 

Multipliers is for those who are committed to growing in discipleship right in the midst of their present life. Read more here.

K-teams is an opportunity for youth groups to experience five days of urban ministry intermixed with intensive discipleship and times of ministry.

We also provide cross-cultural discipleship and mission training for church groups that are preparing to go on short-term mission trips. The guide is available for free here.

Discipleship also happens through full-time cross-cultural opportunities. These range from two months to two years through the Mission internship program. Each program includes intensive discipleship and mission training at first, and on-going training while on assignment. There is a focused debriefing period upon return. Participants also connect with a mentor throughout their assignment.