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EMM's Kingdom Teams (or K-Teams) offer groups of North American youth/young adults  the opportunity to engage in cross-cultural mission within a local context for one week during the summer. Kingdom Teams will be accompanied by EMM staff, who will lead them in discipleship training and application of what they have learned through cross-cultural outreach and service. Groups of youth/young adults must be accompanied by a group leader and at least one adult chaperone for every six youth participants.

2018 Kingdom Teams dates
July 2018

Living arrangements
Participants will stay in a community setting near their Lancaster outreach location.

K-Teams will serve refugees and immigrants in Lancaster alongside local community partners involved with the growing refugee population. In collaboration with various community groups, K-Teams will work with newly arrived refugee youth in a summer school program, helping them practice their English skills and gain confidence in relating to others. Outreach activities may include serving refugee children and youth through clubs, crafts, tutoring, English conversation activities, sports and games, and other activities that build community and evidence the love of Christ. Other activities may include prayer walks, cultural learning experiences, and service projects such as setting up an apartment for an arriving refugee family, sorting donations, or other projects that benefit local organizations serving refugees.

To learn more or apply, view timeline or register. Contact Angie Earl to communicate your group's interest in a 2018 opportunity or to ask questions.

Want a Kingdom Team experience outside of your local context? VidaNet, a Costa Rican discipleship network, has a program similar to Kingdom Teams called “Vida Missions.” Learn more about Vida Missions here. 

Opportunities to serve on a Kingdom Team

GO! Summer is a nine-week mission exposure program for adults (ages 18 and older) and families. Participate in two weeks of discipleship training in Lancaster, Pa., before heading to an outreach location for six weeks. Then finish with a week of re-entry training to process your experience and help you put down roots for a continued deeper life with Jesus. GO! summer includes local and international opportunities.

Apply by May 1, 2017.

Opportunities to serve with GO! Summer

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Mission internships offer opportunities for adults (age 18 and older) to serve on 3–18 month assignments locally and abroad. These internships help you learn cross-cultural disciple-making skills that will launch you into a lifetime of ministry, wherever God calls you. Cross-cultural ministry is not reserved for professional missionaries, and unreached people are all around the world, in places both near and far. Every believer can be a part of Jesus’ Great Commission to make disciples of all nations!

Mission internships combine training with service, helping mission interns to learn by doing. All mission interns are engaged in Launch, a three-phase discipleship training course that includes personal study, group learning, and, finally, online support as each intern joins a long-term missionary in their country of service and delves into the new language and culture.

Also consider Vida220, a 10-month international discipleship school that helps people “step out of the status quo toward the radical lifestyle of discipleship.” Vida220 is part of VidaNet, a Costa Rican discipleship network. Learn more about Vida220 here.

Opportunities to serve as a mission intern

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International worker
An international worker is a person who moves outside their home country to live among, and minister in any variety of ways to, the people of another country. Long-term international workers engage with and witness to new groups of people, equip those people to disciple others, and mobilize partners for the mission of spreading God’s kingdom. An individual or couple preparing for this assignment will gather a supportive group called a Missionary Support Team (MST), and together they will raise the funds and prayer support needed to send the worker(s).

At EMM, a long-term assignment means two years or longer. Applicants must be at least 20 years old. Discern the right mission opportunity for you based on country or ministry — mission work has almost endless possibilities!

Long-term workers prepare for service by engaging in Launch, a guided discipleship training course with an emphasis on building cross-cultural skills. This three-phase course includes personal study, group learning, and, finally, online support as workers travel to their countries of service and delve into language, culture, and relationship-building.

EMM walks alongside long-term workers throughout their assignments and during the transition points of their service. Each summer, workers on home leave are invited to process, relax, and be refreshed at Oasis, an annual summer retreat. During regional retreats, long-term workers spend time and share life with the other missionaries in their geographical area. EMM’s re-entry retreat provides a space just for workers who are completing their time of service with EMM.

Non-resident worker
A non-resident worker is a person who resides in the U.S. while working with a specific people group, country, or focus that is located outside or extends beyond the U.S. Non-resident workers will be appointed as individuals, not couples. Unless they serve in a volunteer capacity, non-resident workers raise funds alongside a Missionary Support Team (MST).

Associated worker
An associated worker is a person appointed with a mission agency other than EMM, and who also desires to engage in an authentic relationship with EMM. EMM has minimal oversight in these relationships, but invites the worker to participate in trainings and retreats and remains available for consultation, counsel, and supplementary member care.

Joint appointments
Joint appointments are reserved for situations in which it is advantageous for another mission agency and EMM to work together closely to appoint a worker. This most frequently occurs when a worker’s main relational networks are in the constituency of one mission agency, whereas the program in which they want to serve is within another mission agency. In such cases, a Memo of Understanding (MOU) is developed between the two mission agencies and the worker, in which details such as supervision, pastoral care, crisis planning, and financial packages are defined.

Marketplace workers
Marketplace workers are people who sense a call to serve as a professional in a country or assignment that fits EMM’s vision. Compensation and benefits are provided from employment or elsewhere outside EMM. Workers negotiate with EMM to create a covenant of understanding that includes required expenses and optional relational support or resourcing services. Finally, marketplace workers will form a Missionary Support Team (MST) that provides spiritual, relational, and (as needed) financial support.

Opportunities to serve in long-term missions

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Volunteers are people who want to serve in mission by volunteering their services, whether in an international location or as non-resident workers. These services are often consultative in nature; many volunteers offer counsel and mentoring based on years of experience in a particular culture and/or context. Volunteer positions are often a good fit for people of retirement age. There is no exchange of money either way: the worker is unpaid, and EMM charges no fees.

To discuss volunteer opportunities, contact:
Sherrie Ober for short-term opportunities (less than two years)
Jimm Derksen for long-term opportunities (two years or more)

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