4,000 Christian-Muslim dialogue books needed — you can help!

Last year, members of EMM’s Christian/Muslim Relations Team were invited to be the only Jesus-following witness at the Islamic Society of North America’s (ISNA’s) annual convention. This annual convention is the largest gathering of Muslims in North America!

The team has been invited back to the ISNA Convention this summer. And this time, ISNA’s public relations office has asked the team to distribute 3,000–4,000 copies of team member David Shenk’s co-authored book A Muslim and a Christian in Dialogue.

The book’s publisher, Herald Press, is prepared to offer a 66% discount on a bulk order sent directly to the convention hall. At $4.80 per book, 4,000 copies will cost $19,200.

The deadline for placing the order with Herald Press is April 30, 2017. We have already raised $9,890 and have the rest of April to raise the remaining $9,310!

This represents an opportunity to directly influence thousands of American Muslims with a clear witness for Christ and a call for peaceful dialogue. David Shenk says, “In all our years living and ministering among Muslims, this request is one of the most remarkable.”

If you can’t give financially, your prayers of blessing on the team’s work and this fundraising project are priceless! Thank you for helping to make a difference.

You can give towards this project by mailing a check to EMM or giving online here. Whether by check or online, preference your gift for "CMRT dialogue book distribution."

(Click to contribute through Paypal using a credit card or your Paypal account.)


Last modified on April 18, 2017