Moving in Mission Capital Campaign

Less than $385,000 remain to reach our $4.2 million goal!
Pledges and cash received 90%

God’s spirit
is moving
at Hub 450.

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Moving in mission

EMM’s long-awaited renovations of 450 North Prince Street (Hub 450) were completed in the final months of 2020. EMM staff members are now working out of offices on the second floor of the 23,000-square-foot building.

It’s even more exciting to see cross-cultural ministry, discipleship, and community building beginning to happen at Hub 450 through:

An Arabic-English Bible Study
A Serving Leader Cohort
Gatherings of pastors and church leaders
A community blood drive

Core values of Hub 450

Sharing food, friends
and relationships at the table

Partnering with neighbors,
community, nations

Practicing Christ’s love for the
well-being of the city and world

Creating space for education,
art, business, innovation,
and faith

Celebration wall

We recognize that we would not be where we are today without the generous partnership of many campaign donors. We’ve designed this celebration wall to honor those who have moved in mission with us and have made this project possible.

The wall, which will be installed in the front lobby of Hub 450, will include photos from EMM history and the names of those who contributed $1,000 or more to the campaign and wish to be identified as partners. Thanks again to our many generous donors and to those who are still considering becoming a partner.

Thanks also to Greg Yoder, an EMM alumnus and graphic designer from Lancaster, for his expertise in designing the artwork.



Tours available!

If you haven't been to Hub 450 yet, we'd love to show you around this beautiful space so you can see it with your own eyes! If you'd like to come for a tour, contact Kate Grieser at to schedule a time. We will practice all COVID safety protocols to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Community support

"Having a presence in Lancaster City brings an organization into direct contact with a wide variety of folks who would never see you in more rural settings. In addition, the specific building at 450 North Prince Street will serve as a 24/7 ‘ad’ for the worldwide work EMM is doing to all who pass by on this very busy street. I fully support EMM relocating its offices into Lancaster City.”
Larry Zook
president and CEO of Landis Communities
"The Stroopie Co. is thrilled to have EMM move into Lancaster City. I think the city will be a natural place for EMM to connect with the nations that live here. The community center for language and cross-cultural training will be a blessing and a resource for our company and the refugees that we hire. Welcome, EMM."
Jonathan Groff
co-owner of The Stroopie Co.
"We commend EMM’s vision for establishing a welcoming cross-cultural learning environment in the heart of Lancaster City. This project has the potential to bring many refugees into a community of warm friendship and practical help as they establish life in a new culture.”
Church World Service
"We are encouraged by EMM’s ability to mobilize community members for befriending and serving refugees, to provide training and awareness, and to facilitate positive interactions between American-born and foreign-born youth. We are eager for EMM to have a more visible presence in Lancaster City and continue its work in collaboration with us."
Lancaster County Refugee Coalition
"With EMM’s broad experience in both local and global mission, the opportunities for equipping individuals and congregations to be engaged in God’s mission are endless. I am pleased at how EMM’s posture has been one of ‘listening’ as they plan for this transition. They have been meeting with Lancaster leaders to understand the needs of the community. It appears that they are taking seriously the call of Jeremiah 29:7 to ‘seek the welfare of the city’ where God is sending them."
Stan Shantz
lead pastor at James Street Mennonite church
"EMM’s presence in downtown Lancaster City is a beautiful reinforcement of LMC’s vision for congregations to incarnate the ministry of Jesus in the neighborhood. This move aligns with God’s heart for the church to seek the well-being of the world God so loves."
Keith Weaver
moderator of LMC: a fellowship of Anabaptist churches


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Congregations, individuals, families, and businesses can get involved:

Cash gifts Multi-year pledges Estates/bequest gifts Prayer

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