Demolition, dust, and progress!

Demolition at 450 North Prince Street began on February 17. Over 100 individuals have given their time to help with this effort. The photos above and below help depict the changes that have taken place in just 9 days. Dale Hoover, general contractor said, that they have had a great group of workers so far. Some of the sentiments expressed by a Sunday School class from Willow Street Mennonite Church were:
“I’m glad to help.”
“It is fun to be a little part of it.”
“It is a learning experience.”
“I’m out of shape!” 

Donna Keener, spouse of President Gerry Keener, shared that she signed up to provide food. She didn’t realize there were things she could do to help with the demolition until she started carrying materials and debris. She said, “Now I can’t stay away!” Donna has helped with many of the demolition shifts and said, “I love being here.”
A common theme among volunteers has been that even the most dirty jobs are fun when doing them with community!