Demolition = done!

After two weeks of demolition by 190 volunteers, the building at 450 North Prince Street looks vastly different! A special thanks to Mel Nissley and Jonathan Charles for their coordination of the volunteers and their dedication to the task. Many individuals contributed to the demolition efforts, as well as various groups:

  • Refugee women and youth from the Chin people group in Burma (also known as Myanmar)
  • Many EMM alumni, young and old
  • Small groups from Alive Church, Erb, Stumptown, and Willow Street Mennonite churches
  • Youth groups from Byerland, Crossroads, Laurel Street, Lititz, and Sunnyside Mennonite churches
  • A group of men from New Person Ministries
  • A group of men from Groffdale Mennonite Conference sent from Mennonite Disaster Service
  • Off-season farmers
  • Retirees
  • Participants from the Shalom Project
  • EMM staff and board members
  • Capital campaign committee members

We gratefully acknowledge God’s protection and the lack of injuries during the two weeks of hard work!