A peek inside 450 North Prince Street

The street view of the building with several new second floor windows.

There has been significant progress made on the renovation work over the last few months and we wanted to give you an inside view of the transformation that is underway.

The cafe serving window, seating area by the large front windows, and the front lobby beyond the glass. The ceilings will be exposed as much as possible throughout the building to create an open feeling.
Looking through the first floor conference room into the large meeting room beyond. There will eventually be a removable wall between the two rooms.
The future home of the commercial kitchen. The ventilation system has been installed.
The view of Prince Street from the second floor, through beautiful new windows.
The upstairs walls are all framed and awaiting drywall.
A result of the hard work of over 30 volunteers, hundreds of ethernet cables now run to rooms and offices all throughout the building. Thank you volunteers!
New windows, lighting, and a door installed in the street level parking garage.
There are some great views of the city from the bright white new roof. The HVAC units will be placed on these platforms. More details to come about what else this roof will be used for!
The archive room can be accessed through the underground parking area. The space has been insulated and has its own HVAC system to maintain a consistent temperature.