Recurring charitable gifts via PayPal

On this page, you can set up an automatically recurring charitable gift to Eastern Mennonite Missions.

A recurring charitable gift allows you to give a particular sum at regular intervals you choose. You set up the recurring charitable gift just one time, indicating how much money you wish to contribute, how often you wish to contribute that sum, and how many times you wish to contribute that sum. At this time, automatically recurring online charitable gifts to EMM require a PayPal account. (If you prefer, you may instead set up an automatic withdrawal from your bank account; click here to learn more.)

If you don’t wish to contribute the same sum of money multiple times, click here to make a one-time charitable contribution instead.


Charitable gifts are processed through PayPal’s secure web site, using industry-standard encryption.You may use a major credit card or bank transfer. (Bank transfers require your bank account to be linked to your PayPal account.)

Thank you for giving!

Charitable gift amount: $

How often would you like to give? Every

How many times would you like this charitable gift to recur?

Charitable gifts will be placed in EMM’s Impact Fund unless you indicate a preference that they be used for a specific missionary, program, or project.
I prefer that my charitable gift be used to support:

Please read the terms below, click the checkbox, then click the give button.

I understand and agree with the terms below.

Disclaimer: By checking the box above, you agree to these terms: You authorize payment to Eastern Mennonite Missions (EMM) through your PayPal account and connected credit card and/or bank account in the above amount. Your account will be charged automatically on a recurring basis indicated above. Your payments will terminate after the number of payments chosen above unless you leave until canceled selected, in which case you must log onto your PayPal account and follow their instructions to stop recurring payments. The termination date for recurring donations made until canceled shall be in accordance with the terms and conditions of PayPal; EMM does not control and is not responsible for amount, frequency, termination or refunding of payments. Except as otherwise provided by law, EMM is not responsible for any loss or damage of any kind caused by recurring donations and/or PayPal and/or arising in any way out of any transaction made through this method.

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