Giving to EMM

We at Eastern Mennonite Missions rely largely on the charitable gifts of the EMM community to carry out our work. Your charitable gift will benefit the Impact Fund, unless you indicate a preference that your charitable gift be used for the mission work of a specific missionary or for a specific project. For more information, please read our charitable gift acceptance policy.

Impact Fund

The EMM Impact Fund covers expenses in greatest need in the budget, including our mission priorities of pioneer witness, developing missional leaders, mobilizing partners for mission, as well as the Missionary Messenger magazine, financial services, and well-being care of missionaries. This fund also covers more than 20 percent of each missionary's financial support. If you have specific questions about the Impact Fund, please contact us.

Missionary-specific gifts, and other "preferenced" charitable gifts
Our missionaries receive support primarily through churches and individuals who indicate a preference that their charitable gifts be used to fund the mission work of a particular missionary. Missionary support teams (MSTs) work together with missionaries to raise these funds. Through our relational sending model, we encourage not only financial support of our missionaries, but spiritual and relational support as well.

You may also indicate a preference that your gift be used in a specific region of the world, program, or project.

Give by mail
Make your check payable to Eastern Mennonite Missions and mail it to:

Eastern Mennonite Missions
P.O. Box 8617
Lancaster, PA 17604-8617 US

Planned giving
Through numerous financial planning resources, your charitable gift to EMM can allow you to both build God's kingdom and meet your financial goals. More information here.

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