January 25, 2018

Africa (EMM partners)

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Africa Association of Bible Schools: An organization located in Accra, Ghana, which exists to resource African Bible schools. EMM coaches the director of this program, who is an associated EMM worker. Learn more here.

Eastleigh Fellowship Centre: EMM workers David and Grace Shenk founded this center in the Eastleigh neighborhood of Nairobi, Kenya, in 1978. It is a community center with the goal of fostering dialogue and friendship between Christians and Muslims, and also providing youth with a safe place to do constructive activities like sports. Learn more here.

Kanisa la Mennonite Tanzania (KMT): The KMT was the first international church established by EMM workers, who arrived in 1934 and founded the church the following year. In 1966, Zedekia Kisare was chosen as the first national bishop. In 1972, the church revised its constitution and adopted a Swahili name, “Kanisa la Mennonite Tanzania”, although “Tanzania Mennonite Church” (TMC) is also used. KMT is officially associated with Mennonite World Conference. In 2006, KMT had 50,560 members in 286 congregations. EMM and KMT partner through membership in the International Missions Association. Learn more here.

Kenya Mennonite Church (KMC): The Tanzania Mennonite Church (Kanisa la Mennonite Tanzania, or KMT), which was planted by EMM in the 1930s, spread the gospel to Kenya throughout the subsequent decades. In 1977, the Kenya Mennonite Church was established as an entity separate from KMT. In 2006 KMT had 11,800 members in 140 congregations. EMM and KMC partner through membership in the International Missions Association. Learn more here.

Mennonite Church of West Africa: Mennonite Church of West Africa is part of a Mennonite mission presence in West Africa since 2000. The mission began first in The Gambia and by 2005 the good news was being carried to Guinea Bissau by new believers from The Gambia. Most of the work focuses on the Balanta people, but other people groups are also part of the emerging church. The mission is sponsored by EMM and seeks to establish an Anabaptist circle of churches in those two countries plus in the intervening territory of Senegal. The Mennonite Church in West Africa includes health and community development initiatives, including a preschool and a health clinic.

Meserete Kristos Church (MKC): This Mennonite church, the largest circle of Mennonite churches in the world, grew from the witness of Mennonite missionaries — including EMM workers — and relief workers after World War II. Affiliated with Mennonite World Conference. Established 1959. EMM and MKC partner through membership in the International Missions Association.

Sierra Leone United Brethren in Christ Mission: EMM workers are currently partnering with this organization by working at a rural hospital in Sierra Leone founded by this mission.

Tanzania Mennonite Church (KMT): See Kanisa la Mennonite Tanzania.

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