January 25, 2018

Asia (EMM partners)

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Cambodia Children’s Program (Coats’ ministry with local churches): A program started by John and Debbie Coats in 2008 that focuses on character and discipleship training.

Cambodia dormitory: A university student ministry started in Phnom Penh by EMM and Franklin District of LMC. There is a women’s dorm. Currently EMM workers head this ministry.

The Conference of Mennonite Churches in Hong Kong Limited (CMCHK; 3 churches): EMM workers like James K. Stauffer helped to establish a Mennonite church body in Hong Kong during the 1960s. Learn more about CMCHK here and here.

GITJ (Gereja Injili di Tanah Jawa; “Evangelical Church of Java”): The Javanese Mennonite conference of the north central part of the island of Java, Indonesia. EMM has partnered with the church for mission training and outreach. EMM also partners with GITJ through membership in the International Missions Association. Learn more here.

GKMI: See Indonesia Muria Mennonite churches.

Indonesia Muria Mennonite churches (GKMI): The Indonesia Muria Mennonite churches (abbreviated in Indonesian as GKMI), were birthed in the early 1920s when a special visitation of God resulted in 88 new baptized believers in the Mount Muria region. PIPKA serves as their “conference” mission board. Occasionally referred to as Muria Synod. Indonesian name: Persatuan Gereja-Gereja Kristen Muria Indonesia. EMM workers in the region have worked alongside this circle of churches.

Life Enrichment Church (LEC): EMM workers helped to establish house churches in Thailand, which became self governing in 2005. Outreach outside the churches included financial counselling and a ministry for HIV and AIDS sufferers. EMM workers continue to work with the church.

New Life Ministries (NLM): Founded in 1979 as a multifaceted Christian ministry in India, NLM has established an orphanage, school, Bible college, and missionary training center, among other things. EMM is involved in fundraising efforts for NLM ministry projects.

Phnom Penh Mennonite Church (PPMC): Began as an EMM church plant in 1996. Since then, the church has become an important outreach to the Khmer people and university students living in the Cambodian national capital. Learn more here.

PIPKA: The mission board of GKMI (Union of Muria Christian Churches of Indonesia), founded in 1965. PIPKA is an acronym for Pekabaran Injil dan Pelayanan Kasih (evangelization and service). PIPKA sends missionaries, church planters, and community development workers to the various islands and provinces of Indonesia that cannot be reached by the Muria churches (which are located primarily in Central Java). Among PIPKA’s ministries are: leadership training; church planting; charity and social services in areas such as disaster relief, scholarship, and support for undeveloped regions; and community development, with projects in agriculture, fish farming, and cattle raising. PIPKA and EMM partner through the International Missions Association, which they both helped found.

Vietnam Mennonite Church: Mennonite Central Committee workers entered Vietnam in 1954, followed by the first EMM workers in 1957. The Vietnam Mennonite Church struggled to become legally recognized for 15 years, finally receiving official recognition in 2007. Today, EMM partners with the church in leadership training.

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