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The Impact Fund is essential to all areas of EMM’s mission. It enables EMM to recruit and send workers, cover some of the cost of worker support, update constituents through publications like Missionary Messenger, provide salaries and benefits for the staff who support these activities, and much more. A charitable gift for which you do not indicate a preference will benefit the Impact Fund.

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December 9, 2021


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EMM’s long-awaited renovations of 450 North Prince Street (Hub 450) were completed in the final months of 2020. EMM staff members are now working out of offices on the second floor of the 23,000-square-foot building.

Core values of Hub 450
Sharing food, friends
and relationships at the table

Partnering with neighbors,
community, nations

Practicing Christ’s love for the
well-being of the city and world

Creating space for education,
art, business, innovation,
and faith

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and ways to get involved.

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November 4, 2021

Extraordinary Give

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November 19, 2021

On this special day, the largest day of generosity in Lancaster County, we hope you’ll include Eastern Mennonite Missions in your giving. We believe that the love of Christ has the power to transform lives and that this love compels us to fulfill our mission of crossing cultures, engaging the world, and making disciples of Jesus. Gifts made today help support EMM’s Impact Fund, the fund that enables us to do this work in our community and around the world. 

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New This Year!
EMM staff have been celebrating the abundant love of God throughout this week and have been collecting food items for Water Street’s Thanksgiving meal as a way to multiply that love in our community. We’d love to invite you to join us in this expression of gratitude and love for our neighbors. On your way downtown for the ExtraGive festivities in Lancaster City, swing through EMM’s parking lot at 450 North Prince Street between 4 and 7pm, drop off some food items from the list below, and pick up a little goody bag. 

Food items:
Turkey (8-12lbs)
Ham or Bacon
Canned tuna or chicken
Veggies (fresh, canned or frozen)
Sugar (5lbs)
Salad Dressing and Condiments
Cheese (any kind)

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We keep your personal information private and secure. When you give through the EMM.org giving portal, you provide your name, contact information, payment information, and additional information related to your transaction. This information is used to process your payment and to ensure your payment is correctly credited to your account.

When you sign in to EMM.org using a third-party account (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), Eastern Mennonite Missions (EMM) receives access to the username and email address associated with your account. Depending on the platform you use to sign in, EMM may receive additional data needed to sign in. This data is only used to allow you to sign in to EMM.org. EMM stores your username and email address on EMM systems to allow you to sign in to EMM.org. EMM does not store your account password for any of your third-party accounts.

When you give through the EMM.org giving portal, EMM only receives access to the last four (4) digits of your credit card number and the card expiration date. This information is stored on the systems of Authorize.Net, a trusted payment processor, and is used to process and track your donation. EMM does not receive access to all of your payment information. Payment information, such as credit card numbers or other payment data, is processed by Authorize.Net.

If you desire to remove your EMM.org giving portal data, please click the "Delete my giving portal data" button below and follow the on-screen prompts. Following these instructions will only remove your data associated with the EMM.org giving portal. This will remove only your data associated with the EMM.org giving portal.

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Mike and Roberta, along with their three children, serve in Kaiserslautern, Germany. They are involved in many aspects of ministry. Their main role is providing leadership to a year-long discipleship program for young adults. The young adults have weekly seminars, work in the community, live together in an apartment, are an active part of the church and have a 2- to 3-week international outreach.  

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December 7, 2020

Hub 450 community classroom

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Eastern Mennonite Missions is excited to open its newly renovated cross-cultural center called Hub 450 to provide child care for families in need. In coordination with the School District of Lancaster, Hub 450 will be available as a community classroom for 12 middle and/or high school students while the district operates with at-home remote learning. This space will provide a safe environment for students to complete their school work, receiving breakfast and lunch. This community classroom will be open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is being offered free of charge. Hub 450’s community classroom starts on January 6, so apply now! Questions? Contact Krista Martin.


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August 11, 2020

Team Brochure

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  • Christian-Muslim Relations Team Brochure







  • Christian-Muslim Relations Team Brochure


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August 11, 2020


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Anabaptists Meeting Muslims (Herald Press)

Justice, Reconciliation & Peace in Africa

The Christians Meeting Muslims Series (Herald Press)

  • English

    • A Muslim and a Christian in Dialogue
    • Journeys of the Muslim Nation and the Christian Church: Exploring the Mission of Two Communities
    • Teatime in Mogadishu: My Journey as a Peace Ambassador in the World of Islam
    • Christian. Muslim. Friend. Twelve Paths to Real Relationship

  • Spanish

    • Diálogo entre un musulmán y un cristiano (A Muslim and a Christian in Dialogue)

  • French

    • Dis-moi ce que tu crois... un musulman et un chrétien en dialogue (A Muslim and a Christian in Dialogue)

  • German

    • Woran ich glaube ein Muslim und ein Christ im Gespräch (A Muslim and a Christian in Dialogue)
    • Christen begegnen Muslimen Wege zu echter Freundschaft (Christian. Muslim. Friend. Twelve Paths to Real Relationship)

  • Turkish

    • Bir Müslüman'La Bir Hiristiyan'in Söyleşisi (A Muslim and a Christian in Dialogue)

  • Russian

    • Диалог между мусульманином и христианином (A Muslim and a Christian in Dialogue)
    • Пути мусульман и христианской Церкви Исследование миссии двух сообществ
      (Journeys of the Muslim Nation and the Christian Church: Exploring the Mission of Two Communities)

  • 1

Bible study series for a Muslim audience: The People of God (four booklets)
  • 1

For a Muslim reader: The Holy Book of God: Is the Bible trustworthy? 
  • English

  • Russian

    • The Holy Book of God: Is the Bible trustworthy?

  • 1

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November 25, 2019

2020 EMM events list

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17  Friends of EMM: Brunch with the president, EMM meetinghouse,  53 W Brandt Blvd, Salunga, PA 175389–11 a.m.
12 EMM vision and fundraising banquet, Eden Resort, 222 Eden Road, Lancaster, PA 17601, 6:30–8:30 p.m. 
20 Extraordinary Give, 12 a.m.–11:59 p.m.
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July 17, 2019

New resources demo

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