Micah Brickner

Micah Brickner

Phil and Linda teach at Tyndale Theological Seminary, where students from all over the world come to study theology, missions, and church leadership. These students then take Jesus to many places throughout the globe.

Eric and Janelle* are working, as members of an international church, to build a healthy, diverse, Christ-centered community that equips disciples to extend the kingdom of God to their city in Germany and to the world. They are also actively becoming more involved in their local neighborhood by prayer-walking, volunteering at their children's schools, hospitality, and participating in a community garden. Their prayer is that the kindness of Jesus, working in and through them, would draw their neighbors and friends to repentance and freedom in Christ.

Darrel and Miriam* and their family serve with a young church that has become a home to people from many nationalities. Darrel has served in pastoral oversight, and Miriam has been involved with the development of various church ministries, including reaching out to immigrants. Darrel serves as regional representative for West Europe.

Bob and Miriam have been involved in evangelism and church planting in the Netherlands since 1993. They have served with Crossroads International Church for many years. Bob and Miriam also serve with Serge, and are currently working in leadership development, evangelism training, and arts outreach with Serge's international teams.

Alan and Carol have lived in Wales since 1999 with their children. They have been involved in church development, teaching English, discipleship training, and more. They are a part of a missional community in Cardiff, where they strive to model a biblical lifestyle in a post-Christian culture.

Sonya serves in administration at Crossroads-Torchbearers Albania which facilitates an international Bible school and Christian summer camps for children and youth. She serves alongside the Erseke Evangelical Church in ministry to disadvantaged children through an after school program and children's home.

Vojta serves with Prison Fellowship Czech Republic (a local branch of Prison Fellowship International) through which he serves both persons incarcerated, and their children and families outside the prison. He helps to lead, translate and facilitate "Battle for the Heart" cohorts, and offers language coaching to missionaries living in the Czech. Stacy teaches English and helps to give leadership to an informal language café hosted by a local Czech Brethren church. Together they serve as EMM's regional representatives for Eastern and Central Europe. 

Paula* serves as a coach and organizational leader for Petra Peacebuilders, an organization dedicated to providing preemptive resilience support for people working to build peace in places where fieldwork takes a heavy toll. 

Jan serves in Prague through teaching English, building local relationships, and discipling youth and young adults in her local congregation. She strives to model a biblical lifestyle in post-Christian Europe and nurture others into the freedom and life that Jesus offers. 

Michael and Ruth serve as members of the Christian Muslim Relations Team, having served previously for nearly 10 years in South Asia. During this time they lived and worked in a Muslim community. This deep background experience is critical to understanding Muslims and gives them something to draw upon as they equip others for fruitful and life-giving relationships with Muslims. During those years in South Asia, they were devoted to prayer as one of their primary ministry functions. Their gifts and experience help the CMRT continue to grow in prayer and equipping others in prayer as a vital part of mission. 

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