Micah Brickner

Micah Brickner

A former mission worker to Belize expresses her lifelong love for the country by helping Belizean secondary students afford education.

Focus is a weekly 3 minute radio program which airs on WDAC (94.5 fm) on Saturdays at 8:55 p.m. This program aired on Saturday, April 28, 2018.

An EMM missionary family in Wales chooses a radically community-oriented life over a Western individualistic lifestyle.

Focus is a weekly 3 minute radio program which airs on WDAC (94.5 fm) on Saturdays at 8:55 p.m. This program aired on Saturday, April 21, 2018.

Although the church in rural Cambodia is struggling, the next generation of believers brings great hope for the future.

Focus is a weekly 3 minute radio program which airs on WDAC (94.5 fm) on Saturdays at 8:55 p.m. This program aired on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

EMM believes that God is calling us to increase missional outreach right here in our own community by moving to 450 North Prince Street in Lancaster City. Your gifts help make that vision a reality. EMM is thankful for your generosity! Check this page to stay updated on our progress as we work toward moving to Lancaster City.


Deciding to live and serve in another culture is a significant, life-changing choice. As parents, you will need to consider the impact on your children. EMM is ready to walk with you and your children before, during, and after your mission assignment. We want your family to thrive, not just survive!

At EMM, we refer to children who live between two cultures as Third Culture Kids (TCKs). TCKs often do not identify fully with one culture or the other, but instead experience life in a unique way. While TCKs often develop broader perspectives and the special ability to bridge cultures, there are distinct challenges to feeling like no culture is entirely their own.

EMM offers numerous parental and child-focused resources for families serving in missions:

  • Discussions about family issues with EMM staff
  • Educational consultations with EMM staff and former or current missionaries in the region of service
  • Age-appropriate sessions for TCKs at pre-field training
  • Home leave retreats for TCKs
  • Personal contact and ongoing support from EMM’s TCK coach
  • Family re-entry retreat at completion of service
  • TCK-specific one- and two-week reentry retreats for youth 14 and up 

Jeanette Hunt, EMM’s Third Culture Kid coach, grew up as a TCK herself. She is available to meet with you to discuss the benefits and challenges children encounter growing up in another culture. She will gladly answer your questions and can also put you in contact with other parents who are in a similar situation.

“We have never regretted raising our children abroad. Why? Our children are experienced travelers with a rich wealth of European experience and culture. They have sat around tables with Muslims, atheists, agnostics, wounded believers, and passionate followers of Jesus … having conversations which add flavor to the formation of their own faith. Our children give up their beds for visitors and say goodbye more often than hello, but know how to interact well with adults. Our children carry a mark that distinctly separates them from friends where they live and peers in the culture of their parents. They ache to belong, to be near family and friends, yet have a level of maturity often noted by others.” — EMM workers Alan and Carol Wert, parents of three, serving in Wales since 1999

Based on over 120 years of mission experience, we at EMM strive to integrate best sending practices and support systems into every stage of a worker’s mission assignment. From your first encounter with EMM to your last day on the mission field (and beyond), EMM is committed to walking with you in our core values of obedience, well-being, and multiplication every step of the way. Here are some of the ways EMM helps our long-term workers succeed so that they can join in the mission we share together:

Christ’s transforming love compels us to
     cross cultures
     engage the world
     and make disciples of Jesus


Discernment process
To help you succeed on the mission field, we believe that spending time getting to know you and discerning your gifts, hopes, and desires is vital. EMM’s long-term appointment process explores the best mission placement for you through methods such as a doctrinal questionnaire, references, personality profiles, a Marital Satisfaction Inventory/Single Satisfaction Scale, and simply having conversations to learn what makes you you.

Launch is EMM’s three-phase training process that prepares missionaries to cross cultures and make disciples. Through eight online learning modules, a two-week intensive course, and an online cohort to help you stay connected once you’re on the field, Launch equips you to develop your cross-cultural understanding in an increasingly globalized world and build your mission and discipleship skills to help all people encounter Jesus.


Families in mission
The majority of EMM’s long-term workers have children, and we at EMM believe that living and serving overseas as a family can be deeply rewarding. At the same time, children growing up in another culture experience their own set of challenges and require understanding and care. EMM offers numerous parental and child-focused resources to help your whole family succeed, including ongoing support from Jeanette Hunt, EMM’s Third Culture Kid coach.

Commissioning service
EMM workers preparing to enter or re-enter the mission field are commissioned for service, surrounded by family and friends at this community-wide event. The service includes worship, a guest speaker, and a time of commissioning each worker or worker family. Afterwards, chat and say goodbyes at an ice cream social!

Regional retreats
EMM workers serving in the same region of the world (e.g. West Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.) come together periodically to rest and reconnect with fellow workers who share some of their challenges and joys.

Oasis connects and strengthens the EMM community through resourcing and rest. This annual week-long summer retreat for long-term workers features speakers, fellowship, and relaxation in a camp setting. The aim is to help workers be refreshed and better equipped to multiply disciples wherever they go. Workers attend Oasis during their home leave.

Reentry retreat
EMM understands that readjusting to your home culture can be as difficult as entering a new culture. That’s why each summer, EMM, along with other mission agencies, hosts a reentry retreat for any returning missionaries and their children who are completing their assignment. This retreat provides much-needed space to reflect on your mission experiences and prepare to begin a new chapter.


Missionary Support Teams
We’ve seen that missionaries thrive when they’re surrounded by an intentional support system. That’s why EMM helps each missionary form a Missionary Support Team. Family and friends volunteer to serve in roles like prayer facilitator, finance coordinator, and church communicator, providing holistic support from the time you begin preparing for service until you come back home.

Whether you serve two years on the mission field or 30, EMM is committed to helping you succeed in your life, ministry, and calling to make disciples. Long-term workers will have regular in-person or Skype check-ins and at least one visit per year with their regional representative — usually an experienced worker serving in and overseeing the region. EMM’s strategic coaches periodically visit each region, giving oversight and vision to the ministry work happening there.

Serving as a long-term missionary is a wonderful calling — and it's also a big challenge. If you choose to serve with EMM, the support systems described above are designed to help you grow in obedience, thrive spiritually and emotionally, and be equipped to make disciples wherever you go. We hope EMM's commitment to authentic and purposeful sending and supporting blesses you on your ministry journey.

A small village in West Africa is experiencing a transforming movement reminiscent of the early Anabaptist church.

Focus is a weekly 3 minute radio program which airs on WDAC (94.5 fm) on Saturdays at 8:55 p.m. This program aired on Saturday, April 7, 2018.

When the community surrounding a South Sudanese girls’ school is torn apart, the students demonstrate compassion and courage beyond their years.

Focus is a weekly 3 minute radio program which airs on WDAC (94.5 fm) on Saturdays at 8:55 p.m. This program aired on Saturday, March 31, 2018.

As EMM gets ready for the second annual Peru Trek for PROMESA, one of last year’s trekkers shares what it was like to hike in the Andes Mountains for a cause.

Focus is a weekly 3 minute radio program which airs on WDAC (94.5 fm) on Saturdays at 8:55 p.m. This program aired on Saturday, March 24, 2018.

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