Regional representative(s) | East Africa

  • Service term length or program: Long-term
  • Region of service: Africa
  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Ministry category: Leadership training

This long-term assignment is available August 2019. Every EMM worker's primary focus is to make disciples of Jesus. Using the EMM mission, core values, and guidelines for ministry practice as a guide, develop and shape the overarching goals and strategies for EMM in East Africa. Supervise all personnel who live within the region, seeking to empower and release gifts, and encouraging mutual accountability. Maintain relationships with national partners and network connections in the region, overseeing any funding and resources provided to their programs. Oversee the EMM-related organization Mennonite Board in Eastern Africa (MBEA) and related institutions: Amani Gardens Inn (AGI), SkyView Gardens (SVG) development, and Rosslyn Academy (RA). Applications will be received for individuals and for couples. Applicants must be willing to live in Nairobi, Kenya.

Regional vision

In our disciple-making focus, our vision is to inspire movements to Jesus all over East Africa and beyond. Our aim is transformation, not mere information; discipleship, not mere religion. We long for all people to become fully committed followers of Jesus, but recognize that there are many expressions of the kingdom of God and the work of the Holy Spirit.

In the institutions we oversee, the focus is on holistic, biblical ministry and service as best stewards the purposes of the institution, as well as being self-sustaining financially, generating income for other ministries.


The majority of the regional representative’s time will be spent fulfilling the responsibilities noted below. This region includes Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia/Somaliland, Eritrea, and South Sudan.

Given the wide scope of responsibilities related to this role and the wide range of skill sets required, EMM will consider structuring this role into two positions, aligning responsibilities according to the gifts and experience of each person.

The logical division would be an administrator role and a pastor/missiologist role as noted below. However, other combinations of responsibilities are possible.

Administrative focus
1. Administrative leadership
    a.   Strategy
            i.   Develop and shape regional goals and strategies — in consultation with the EMM Central Administrative Office, team leaders, and key individuals and organizations in the region.
    b.   Finance
            i.  Oversee regional budget development and implementation (with the assistance of the office accountant).
           ii.   Approve flex fund activities.
           iii.  Provide financial and program reports to CAO and stakeholders.
2. Institutional leadership
    Ensure effective administration of the EMM related institutions: MBEA, AGI, SVG, RA
    a.   Supervise AGI manager and manage long-term planning
    b.   Represent the interests of EMM stakeholders on the boards of:
            i. MBEA
          ii.  Investment Oversight Committee (includes SkyView Gardens)
         iii.  Rosslyn Academy
    c.   Oversee the regional office (currently two people: administrator and accountant)
    d.   Maintain financial and regulatory compliance

Pastor/missiologist focus
3. Team leadership: Supervise personnel who live within the region
    a. Recruitment: Collaborate with CAO staff to mobilize workers for the region.
    b. Advancement: Collaborate with CAO staff to mobilize vision and financial resources for the region.
    c. Human Resources:
          i.  Ongoing supervision: Ensure all workers receive regular (monthly is suggested) face-to-face interaction with you or a designated supervisor and annual reviews.
         ii.   Professional development: Ensure all workers receive adequate pre-field training, orientation, ongoing development, and debriefing.
        iii.   Interpret and apply the EMM policy.
        iv.   Liaise between workers and Human Resources to provide or coordinate member care and personnel administration.
         v.   Liaise with secondment leaders as necessary.
        vi.   Develop job descriptions and budgets for incoming workers (may be assisted by administrator).
       vii.   Visit each worker at least once per year on location.
       viii.   Lead annual retreats.
4. Program Leadership
    a.  Assist each worker in developing and honing clear vision and strategy for their work.
    b.  Monitor overall inputs and outputs from workers and program funding; optimize for EMM mission and values.
5. Church Liaison and Mission Mobilizer:
    a.  Maintain relationships with national partners and network connections.
    b.  Set the agenda and develop vision collaboratively for work with national churches.
    c.  Nurture partnerships through communication and periodic visits.
    d.  Determine allocation of funds.
    e.  Attend regional events significant in the life of each church body, as travel permits.

East Africa has a pleasant climate year-round. The political environment is relatively stable in much of the region, but there are pockets where the situation is more tenuous. The regional representative is based in Nairobi, where almost any amenity is available — but often at a higher price. Travel around the region could take one into much more rustic settings, with roads that are extremely rough and muddy.

Supervisors and colleagues
This person(s) will be supervised by a strategic coach. They will engage with certain CAO staff and a team of regional representatives serving around the globe through regular video conferencing calls. They will supervise all EMM personnel in the region.

Skills and experience
Applicants should have 3-5 years of cross-cultural ministry experience, strong administrative capacity, and expertise in developing personnel. The role includes 5–10 weeks of travel per year, usually within the region. 

While this role is funded by our Missionary Support Team model, there is the possibility that some local funding will be available for this role.