The Impact Fund (formerly the General Fund) is allocated toward mobilizing, discipling and commissioning workers for the mission field, some of the cost of worker support, updating constituents through publications like Missionary Messenger, salaries and benefits for the staff who support these activities, and much more.

It enables EMM to scout out new and pioneering mission locations and to empower our local and international partners to multiply their ministry efforts in their communities. In short, the Impact Fund is essential to all areas of EMM’s mission.

A charitable gift for which you do not indicate a preference will benefit the Impact Fund.

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The Impact Fund makes a difference. Here are just a few ways it helped people move in mission in 2016:

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Missionary Support Team members who received face-to-face coaching

In 2016, EMM staff road-tripped through PA and IN to meet with MSTs!

Regional representatives who oversee EMM’s missionary work

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National churches around the world that partner with EMM

EMM formed or helped develop all of these churches!

People newly trained in cross-cultural discipleship

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Transactions that passed through Finance Team

That’s a larger number than the population of Greenland (56,480)!

Copies of Missionary Messenger printed

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EMM workers and missionary kids served at EMM’s summer events

Each summer EMM hosts multiple retreats for EMM workers' well-being, whose busy lives in ministry often provide little time to recharge!

Counseling sessions attended by EMM workers and staff to boost well-being

As U.S. Christians increasingly see the benefits of counseling, the American Association of Christian Counselors has grown to nearly 50,000 members!

Workers who sent tax forms to EMM’s administrative assistants

Did you know? In 2017, Administrative Professionals Day falls on April 26!

Air miles President Nelson Okanya traveled for mission purposes

That’s close to enough miles to circle the earth twice (49,748)!