Kingdom teams

one week in the summer
youth groups

Kingdom Teams | Lancaster, Pa., U.S.

  • Service term length or program: K-Team
  • Region of service: North America
  • Location: Lancaster, Pa., U.S.

2018 Kingdom team dates

  • July 2018

Kingdom Teams will partner with local organizations that are serving refugees and immigrants in Lancaster, Pa.

Living arrangements
Participants will stay in a community setting near their Lancaster outreach location.

K-Teams will serve refugees and immigrants in Lancaster alongside local community partners involved with the growing refugee population. In collaboration with various community groups, K-Teams will work with newly arrived refugee youth in a summer school program, helping them practice their English skills and gain confidence in relating to others. Outreach activities may include serving refugee children and youth through clubs, crafts, tutoring, English conversation activities, sports and games, and other activities that build community and evidence the love of Christ. Other activities may include prayer walks, cultural learning experiences, and service projects such as setting up an apartment for an arriving refugee family, sorting donations, or other projects that benefit local organizations serving refugees.

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Contact Angie Earl to communicate your group's interest in a 2018 opportunity or to ask questions.

Want a Kingdom team experience outside of your local context? VidaNet, a Costa Rican discipleship network, has a program similar to Kingdom Teams called “Vida Missions.” Learn more about Vida Missions here.

Getting started with an EMM assignment

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We are excited that you are exploring mission and service opportunities with Eastern Mennonite Missions.

EMM strives to help you discern and discover your call to ministry and match it with the opportunities that exist within the EMM community of relationships and partners.

If God is calling you to cross-cultural ministry, we invite you to contact us and begin the discernment process.

At EMM we know that God gifts people very differently so we do not expect everyone to serve in the same way. We expect a person's ministry to line up with their gifts, interests and calling. Your ministry can be built on your expertise and/or interest in teaching, business, hospitality, medicine and other types of ministry.

Explore specific EMM opportunities to fit your interests or training.

EMM has over 146 personnel serving in over 36 countries. We have been involved in many locations for decades. Our experience and history has enabled us to build valuable relationships that enable us to partner effectively with local believers and other mission initiatives.

Discover more about EMM's work in regions around the world.

To begin your journey in ministry with EMM you can do two things:

1 - Contact one of EMM's personnel placement coaches. Both Jimm and Sherrie are trained to help you discern your call to ministry and match you to a specifc location and ministry.

Contact Jimm Derksen if you are interested in a long-term assignment.
Contact Sherrie Ober if you are interested in a Mission internship.

2 - Start the EMM application process.

EMM places a high value on preparation for and continued learning throughout workers' assignments.
Effective training is Christ-centered, transformational, and equips people to become lifelong learners as well as trainers of others.

EMM training focuses on such things as discipleship, character development, servant leadership, mentoring, conflict and stress management, and self-care - in addition to context-specific ministry skills. Training expectations are dependent on mission assignment and term length.

Click here for more details of the training opportunities EMM provides.

EMM has mission and service opportunities for both short-term and long-term service - almost anything from 2 weeks to 4 years.

Click here for an overview of EMM's sending programs. There is something for almost everyone.

If you already know which program best suits you, click on one of these to see what opportunities are available: Kingdom teams | GO! Summer | Mission internships | Long-term.