Country reports

From Peru: Ruben Carrasco told about his congregation outside Cusco. In 2002 they bought land for $20,000. Raising this amount for the purchase of the land was the first miracle, but they needed $75,000 more for a church building, an impossible sum. After three months, they had only $300 toward the building. A visitor told them to begin building with what they had. They did, and in 2003 completed the building for 600 people. God amazingly provided the funds, some from people they did not even know.

From Indonesia: In Semarang, the JKI conference of churches have almost completed a “Holy Stadium” that seats 12,000 – the largest Anabaptist church building in the world. Petrus Agung, the lead pastor, told the moving story of how they received all the required permission documents from the 12 governmental department heads and from the mayor, a Muslim cleric, in just four days. God also moved people to give to this cause in an unusual way. In one offering, they received more than $2 million and were able to build without debt. The church started in 1997 with 25 people and today has over 8,000 in attendance, most of whom are young people.

From Germany: Johannes Reimer, a Russian/German evangelist and missiologist, said that by June 2006, the first evangelical Christian university will open in Germany. This is an enterprise which has required $450 million. “Europe needs such a place,” Reimer said. “People are becoming atheistic. We need Christian psychologists, scientists, and politicians.” He reported that six months ago, a wealthy Christian banker from Switzerland decided to call a phone number he saw. The number happened to be that of the vice chairman of the group planning for the university. The banker said, “Tell me about your need.” As he listened, he heard God telling him to become their financial manager. Reimer said, “Do you know how easy it is to raise money when you are a rich Swiss banker? This is God’s doing.”

From the Himalayas*: Mosa told about his mother’s healing nearly 40 years ago. The witchdoctor had told his father to sacrifice chickens for her healing, but she remained sick. Then he said the family should sacrifice goats, but she got worse. When all the chickens and goats had been sacrificed, and Mosa’s mother remained seriously ill, the witchdoctor said she would die. Friends who had learned from a Christian doctor laid hands on her and prayed in Jesus’ name. She was healed immediately. Sometime later, she gave birth to her fifth child, Mosa. Mosa’s parents and four other families became believers in Jesus, although at this time, they only knew his name, his power over sickness, and three hymns. Even though persecuted, they would not denounce Jesus. The persecution only served to scatter them across the region so that even more persons heard about Jesus. Later, they received the Scriptures in their language. Since preaching the gospel is illegal in the region, the usual way that persons come to faith is by seeing the healing that comes when someone prays in Jesus’ name. Mosa’s father even prayed for sick cows. When they recovered immediately, their owner, a prominent leader in the village, who had persecuted the Christians, became a believer and, later, the first pastor in that village. The people movement to Christ ignited by that healing 40 years ago continues to spread from village to village.

*Exact location omitted due to regional sensitivities.

– collected by Ruth Martin