March 2, 2015

No longer trusting in magic

Written by  EMM staff
Along the riverside of a busy South Asian city. Along the riverside of a busy South Asian city. Photo by an EMM mission intern.

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Many EMM workers cannot be named. And the countries they serve in cannot be identified. Yet God’s work goes on even when we do not see any results or even hear about the work being done.

Jack and Julia* are EMM workers who serve in a very diverse country in Asia. They help to lead a house of prayer that is located right next to a large mosque.

In 2014 a couple of women on their team had the joy and honor of leading Aleena,* one of their Muslim friends, to Jesus. Aleena helps out with cooking and cleaning at the prayer house, so she has had a lot of interaction with the entire team. When Aleena was asked if she wanted to put her trust in Jesus’ sacrifice to wash her clean, she said yes!

In the months that followed, the women on Jack and Julia’s team have been discipling Aleena, going regularly to her house for a Bible study. While meeting with Aleena, Julia and her teammate met Rubina. Aleena explained that since Rubina moved in, she had been having bad dreams. Whenever she tried to pray, she saw dark shadows and pictures.

As Julia talked with her, Rubina described some magic she had been doing in the room as a way of trying to protect herself. Julia explained that evil spirits can come through such activities, but Jesus can wash all of that away.

When the women asked Rubina if she would like to put her trust in the sacrifice Jesus made for her and follow Him, she also said yes! Julia was struck by the way the women simply needed to be asked and believes that such openness and readiness is an answer to many prayers.

Julia and her teammate led Rubina in prayer. They were stumbling over their language a bit, so Aleena jumped in and led her friend in prayer. It was very exciting! Rubina confessed her sin of trusting in magic instead of God for protection and asked for cleansing. They ended the evening by learning a simple song of praise in their language that says “God is good; forever, God is good.”

When Julia and a teammate shared a version of the Jesus film called Mary Magdalene with Aleena and Rubina, Rubina was captivated by it, excitedly repeating the parts that she saw. The 10-year-old neighbor girl watched the whole thing as well, and when her mother Diana came in, she climbed into her lap and told her four times in a row: “There was a little girl who was dead and Jesus brought her back to life!”

Jack and Julia invite us to join them in praising God for these “first fruits” of the spiritual harvest among the women in their neighborhood!

*Name(s) changed for security reasons.

This article appears in the March/April 2015 issue of Missionary Messenger; sign up to read more articles like this one.

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