Kingdom Teams timeline

1. Submit your group’s registration.
Fill out and submit the Kingdom Teams (K-Teams) Google Form application. You’ll provide details such as your preferred K-Team week, the age range and number of people in your group (one adult leader needed for every six youth), and the best contact information for your group.

2. EMM confirms your K-Team.
EMM processes applications on a “first-come, first-served” basis. You will receive an email or letter confirming the location and dates of your K-Team.

3. Submit your reservation deposit.
Your non-refundable deposit of $350 is due within 14 days of receiving your confirmation email or letter. This deposit secures your dates and commits your group to the slot. If we don’t receive your deposit within 14 days of your group’s confirmation letter, we will reopen that slot to other waiting groups. You will receive a confirmation email or letter when we process your deposit.

4. EMM sends your information packet.

The K-Team director will typically send your information packet via email, however hard copies can be requested. The information packet will include:

  • Sample schedule
  • Information about the location/outreach
  • K-Team guidelines (includes a packing list)
  • Group roster
  • Medical and media release forms
  • Volunteer forms (as required for your outreach location)
  • Links to obtain clearances (applicable for all youth and leaders 18+ at the time of your K-team)

5. Submit your final payment and group information by May 1.
All forms and clearances from your information packet must be returned to EMM by May 1. The full cost of your K-Team — $350 per person, minus the $350 reservation deposit — must also be received by May 1. This cost covers the week’s room and board for each participant, as well as program administration and staffing. EMM joins with many other organizations to make K-Teams a success and your help is crucial to provide complete and accurate information in a timely manner so we can maintain strong partnerships and be fully prepared to accommodate your group.

6. EMM sends you final details.
EMM will send you a finalized schedule, directions, and other pertinent information about one month prior to the start of your K-Team. As you anticipate the week, please contact Krista Martin, with any questions you may have.