January 26, 2016

Plans are underway for EMM to move to the city

Since November 2015, EMM has been developing a plan for the 450 North Prince Street property purchased in September. Based on internal discussion, as well as consultations with numerous city pastors, non-profit leaders, and other interested persons, we have agreed on a vision for our city presence.

Looking into the future, EMM plans to:

  1. renovate the second floor and move EMM administrative offices to the second floor
  2. adopt new practices for EMM staff to be intentionally engaged in listening, interacting, and dwelling within the Lancaster City context
  3. create goals from the listening/dwelling process that will lead to a renovation of the first floor into a multi-purpose hospitality, hub, or ministry center

We are making this move because we believe it aligns with the Lord’s desires for our organization. EMM leadership has adopted the following posture for our new presence in Lancaster City:

EMM aims to connect, to learn, to be changed, to collaborate, to share our experiences and expertise towards the end of advancing the Kingdom of God on earth. As we dwell in the Word, we choose to dwell in the Lancaster context as a way of discerning EMM’s best fit in Lancaster. This posture seeks to embrace diversity, hospitality, connecting the County and the City, training, and flexibility.

EMM is investigating the best option for its current Salunga properties. They will eventually be sold to help finance the new building.

Thanks to all who have shared advice, hopes, and dreams with us in this discernment process.

Last modified on February 6, 2018