For long-term assignments

Read this page of instructions carefully and then download the application form. (Link at the bottom of this page)

The following seven steps are "mileposts" to help you understand EMM's appointment process. You and EMM are under no obligation while working through these steps, and either may withdraw at any point. Signing the Ministry Agreement in Step 6 will then define your relationship with EMM.

1. Application
Complete an application form for long-term placement and promptly return it to EMM. EMM will send you further information, including a doctrinal questionnaire, which you should return within two weeks. If you apply online and don't hear back from us within three business days, please contact us to make sure your application has been received. Candidates preparing for service with EMM also need to develop Missionary Support Teams (MSTs). You will receive a brochure introducing the MST concept along with this same preliminary information, and you will receive more complete information at the time of your initial interview.

2. Getting acquainted
Upon receiving your application form, we will send out your reference forms. Once your doctrinal and other assessments are completed, we will then contact you and arrange for an interview. If distance is a factor, we may arrange a phone conference. Your pastor will also be contacted to be a part of the discernment process.

3. Testing instruments and consultation
For most placements, personality profiles will be completed to help in the discernment and preparation for placement. Married couples complete a Marital Satisfaction Inventory and singles complete a Single Satisfaction Scale. You will have at least one session with our Human Resource director to discuss your results and how these may affect adjustment to a cross-cultural assignment.

4. Approval for service
Next, Human Resources will review your materials and may arrange for further interviews. With positive affirmation, EMM approves you for service.

5. Approval for assignment
HR will share your information with the Mission Team and appropriate assignment location staff. EMM's invitation to assignment is based on approval and an invitation from Mission Team and assignment location staff.

6. Official appointment
Candidates are appointed when they have been approved for service by the Human Resources Team and approved for assignment by the Mission Team and assignment location staff. You, along with your missionary support team, will then sign a Ministry Agreement, finalizing the appointment process.

7. Preparing to go
Once you're appointed, you will begin preparations for your assignment. The HR team will help you complete employment forms, create prayer cards, learn EMM policy, work with your MST to raise funds, and make any other preparations. You'll also engage in Launch, EMM's cross-cultural discipleship training course. When all training and tasks are complete and 100% of needed funds are pledged or received, we purchase tickets!

How long does all this take?
Normal processing for a long-term placement usually takes between 12 and 18 months. Raising support should begin when you have been approved for service. Information is available that will help you, your MST, and your congregation work to provide the funds necessary for your service.

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