September 2022 Mission Intercessor

1 (Thurs.) Cambodia
Pray for refreshment and joy for Kandace Glenn who is currently on home leave. Pray for her as she prepares for another two-year term in Cambodia. Praise the Lord for the friendships she has developed and for those she is discipling.

2 (Fri.) Czech Republic
Join us in praying that God might send workers to be part of a church planting team in the Czech Republic.

3 (Sat.) U.S.
Pray for Myla Curtis as she adjusts to life in North America after returning from her assignment with VidaNet. Ask God to provide a supportive community around her as she continues to seek what God has for her in this new season. 

4 (Sun.) Germany
Pray for Eric and Janelle* as they continue to serve with their church and in their community. Pray also for their connections with other parents at the school their children attend.

5 (Mon.) Peru
Pray for Steve and Beth Gibbs in their roles as LMC international partner delegates to the Peru Mennonite Church. Pray for them as they support and encourage church leaders.

6 (Tues.) U.S.
Ask God to put it in the hearts of young adults to be part of the Advance program this fall to grow in discipleship and get involved in local cross-cultural discipleship.

7 (Wed.) Global
Pray for Leon and Naomi Zimmerman who have recently taken on the challenge of leading a marriage initiative. Pray for them as they think through strategies that would help leaders and believers to find greater strength and unity in their marriages.

8 (Thurs.) Southeast Asia
Please continue to ask God to provide an executive director for a transformational business in Southeast Asia. 

9 (Fri.) Belize
Pray for Tim and Julie Groff as they continue to walk alongside and disciple leaders in the Garifuna church. Pray for their sons, Simeon and Gabe, in school in Belize, and TJ who is now living in the U.S.

10 (Sat.) U.S.
Pray for local business leaders to be inspired at the upcoming breakfast and that the event fosters good relationships with them.

11 (Sun.) Czech Republic
Pray for Jan Heindel as she will soon be returning to her work and ministry in the Czech. Pray for her to be able to quickly pick back up with the relationships she has with young women. 

12 (Mon.) U.S.
Pray for the interns joining the ministry of Hub 450, that they would get more of God’s heart for those they work with and be a blessing to the community.

13 (Tues.) Costa Rica
Pray for Daryl and Jen Hoover as they continue to minister to and pour into the lives of those who come through VidaNet. Pray for their son Joseph as he continues to live and study in the U.S. and is apart from the family.

14 (Wed.) Southeast Asia
Pray for a childcare/home school worker to serve alongside a family that is serving long-term with EMM.

15 (Thurs.) South Asia
Pray for Clara* as she ministers with her husband in pioneer witness and intercession. Pray that God continues to reveal and draw people to himself.

16 (Fri.) Chile
Pray for a creative person to be called to the role of Christian camp developer on Tenglo Island, Chile.

17 (Sat.) Thailand
Pray for Steve Horst and Bethany Tobin and their children as they transition back to life in their Nam Yuen community. Pray that they will be able to encourage and minister in the way they have been called to do. Pray also as they continue to process and discern what this next term will look like. 

18 (Sun.) U.S.
Pray that EMM staff would make good connections with young people through hosting youth groups for evenings of mission dialogue and activities this fall. 

19 (Mon.) Central Asia
Praise the Lord for the refreshing time Elizabeth* is having while she is in the U.S. on home leave. Join her in praying for the conference for persecuted women that she will be attending in November. She will be providing prayer ministry and asks for prayer that God would fill her with His Spirit and prepare her so He can minister His healing touch to them through her.

20 (Tues.) U.S.
Give thanks for the generous response to our mid-year appeal letter which supports the Impact Fund.

21 (Wed.) Netherlands
Pray for Bob and Miriam Phillips as they serve both with Crossroads The Hague church and Serge Global. Pray for them as they train and mentor. 

22 (Thurs.) Global
Pray that God would give us wisdom on how to expand what we do to mobilize more young people into missions

23 (Fri.) Czech Republic
Pray for Stacy and Vojta Prknovi who have just arrived back in the Czech Republic. Pray they will be refreshed and ready to pick up their ministry activities and other responsibilities. Pray for their daughter Vicki in her adjustments to being home again.

24 (Sat.) Thailand
Pray for God to call pioneer church planters into the harvest field of Thailand and join the team there.

25 (Sun.) Southeast Asia
Pray for good connections for Owen and Abby* and their family as they meet with family and supporters. Pray for rest and refreshment and wisdom in discernment for future ministry when they return to Southeast Asia. 

26 (Mon.) Chile
Pray for Aaron and Katarina Miller as they serve on Tenglo Island. Ask God to bring about divine appointments with new friends and people they meet as opportunities to share about him.

27 (Tues.) Wales, U.K.
Pray for young adults with a heart for community development to be called to participate in the Going Public internship in Wales.

28 (Wed.) U.S.
Give thanks for Joe Garber being hired as the EMM church partnership coach. Ask God to bless the relationships he nurtures with congregations.

29 (Thurs.) Germany
Pray for Darrel and Miriam* as they pick up their responsibilities again after a visit to the U.S. this summer. Pray for the girls as they begin school. 

30 (Fri.) Thailand
Pray for Bekka Zehr as she prepares to begin her Advance Global assignment with 3 months of discipleship training. 

*Name(s) changed or last name(s) omitted for sensitivity reasons.