Deaf ministry assistant | Belize

Every EMM worker’s primary focus is to make disciples of Jesus. Join a Deaf Mennonite church in ministering to Deaf children and young adults, who are often marginalized. Interpret for Deaf youth in high school. Explore employment possibilities for Deaf youth. Proficiency in American Sign Language required.

Regional vision
To form a school of discipleship and missions for the churches of Central America; to send more short-term mission groups to serve with local churches.


  • Work alongside EMM associated workers Nathanael and Spring Davis in ministering to Deaf children and young adults as the Deaf Mennonite Church develops.
  • Seek ways to find employment for Deaf young people, or develop an industry that could provide employment.

The Northern Belize town of Orange Walk is a stable, pleasant, and tropical environment. The population includes people from English, Spanish, and indigenous backgrounds. Lifestyles range from impoverished to middle-class. The religious landscape is mostly Catholic, with various Protestant and Pentecostal groups.

Supervisors and colleagues
The Deaf ministry assistant will work closely with the Belize Mennonite Church. Supervisors will include church leaders. This person will also be accountable to Regional Representatives Wendell and Melanie Nofziger.

Skills and experience
Applicants should hold a college degree and must be proficient in American Sign Language. They should possess the ability to teach and mentor Deaf people in both spiritual matters and general life skills. Applicants should be willing to become involved in existing programs within the local church. They must have a passion to serve the Deaf community, which is often marginalized in society. A variety of skills like gardening, tutoring, and library work could be used in a volunteer position within a school setting.