Church planting team member | Queens, N.Y., U.S.

  • Service term length or program: Long-term
  • Region of service: North America
  • Ministry category: Children at risk, Community development, Pioneer witness

Every EMM worker's primary focus is to make disciples of Jesus. Move into the bustling NYC neighborhood of Flushing, Queens, and join a church-planting team in partnership with Immanuel Community Church. While a multitude of people groups live in this neighborhood, the majority of the team's interactions will be with Chinese and Spanish speaking people. Build redemptive relationships in the community; explore the possibility of securing a local job and/or raising support.

Worship with the multi-ethnic urban congregation of Immanuel Community Church while reaching out to Chinese and Hispanic immigrants and planting house churches among them.

Serve in a variety of community service programs as venues for outreach to the non-churched: after-school and summer programs for children, a weekly food pantry and ESL classes for adults, and/or periodic computer lab classes for adults and children. Develop parenting workshops for the parents of children in our community service programs and in the local public schools. (Find more information at

Reach out to international students at the local university.

Learn from seasoned urban missionaries through Flushing Ministers Fellowship and Global Gates NYC.

Flushing is a hardworking immigrant community of many cultures, religions, and political views. The predominant immigrant populations are Chinese, Korean, and Central American. The majority are non-English speakers who often work long hours in order to meet the neighborhood’s high costs of living and pursue the American Dream. Children and youth of immigrant families are often pressured to pursue academic success and are enrolled in after-school learning centers. This creates both challenges and opportunities for reaching whole families for Christ.

Flushing is an older urban community that continues to undergo radical residential and commercial redevelopment. The trend is toward higher density and congestion. Small businesses, including many ethnic restaurants, are thriving in Flushing. Its unique concentration and proliferation of religious centers makes Flushing an ideal location for global missions.

Flushing has an excellent public transportation system that connects to the five boroughs of NYC (cars are not a necessity). The downtown Main Street area bustles as a major transportation hub in the Queens borough. The population of Queens is so high that if it stood alone as a city, it would be the fifth-largest in the U.S.

Supervisors and colleagues
Church planting team members will be supervised by the pastor of Immanuel Community Church and the overseers of community programs through the Murray Hill Neighborhood Association. There will also be check-ins with EMM’s strategic partnership coach.

Skills and experience


  • Multi-cultural experience or willingness to learn

  • Ability to understand or speak basic Chinese or Spanish

  • Discipleship experience

  • Experience in cross-cultural friendship evangelism and/or small group Bible study

  • Two years of college or equivalent life experience

  • Two-year commitment with a viable income and/or support plan


  • Leadership skills (takes initiative, innovates, and builds team)

  • Short- or long-term mission experience

  • Experience in urban church planting or small group multiplication

  • Some experience in cross-cultural Bible study

  • Has taught basic ESL

  • Has participated in programs to reach non-churched youth and families

  • Lives close to the immediate area of assignment


  • Will build relationships with potential team members at Immanuel Community Church

  • Will participate in Murray Hill Neighborhood Association programs

  • Will choose employment that facilitates assignment goals

  • Will meet regularly with supervisors

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