Medical worker | Sierra Leone

  • Service term length or program: Long-term, Mission internship
  • Region of service: Africa
  • Location: Mattru Jong, Sierra Leone
  • Ministry category: Community development, Muslim ministry, Health

Every EMM worker's primary focus is to make disciples of Jesus. Physicians, X-ray technicians/ultrasound techs, nurses, midwives, physical therapists, public health specialists, and a hospital administrator are needed to help train local staff and serve at a rural hospital in the Mattru Jong village. Be involved in disciple-making relationships as opportunities arise. Preferred deadline for short-term applications is March 1 each year.

Regional vision

Presentation of the gospel from an Anabaptist perspective has been quite attractive to West Africans over the past several years, and holds great potential for growth in the region and beyond.


  • Work full-time at the hospital, serving in medical capacities and training/mentoring local staff in best practices. 

  • Work alongside EMM workers Jon and Heleen Yoder as they seek to re-establish this mission hospital that was severely damaged in a civil war, and as they pursue establishing child mental health services.

  • Engage in team life with Jon, Heleen, and other expat workers.

All long-term and short-term missionaries engage in Launch, EMM’s discipleship training course, before and during their assignments. Phase one of Launch includes personal discipleship activities through online modules. For phase two of Launch, participants spend one to two weeks learning alongside their Launch cohort (a group of others preparing for service) before heading to their outreach locations. In phase three of Launch, workers continue to connect online with their Launch cohort for up to a year as they navigate ministry in their country of service.  

The hospital is located in a rural area in Sierra Leone, about six hours by car from the capital city, Freetown. It is located in the Bonthe District, probably the area with the lowest access to medical care in the country. The hospital currently serves a population of 200,000 with only two medical doctors. The facility is run by the United Brethren in Christ Church in a predominantly Muslim environment. Living situations are basic, with limited resources.

Supervisors and colleagues
The medical worker will work closely with Jon and Heleen, as well as other local and expat hospital staff. 

Skills and experience
Applicants should have a minimum of one year of experience in their field of medicine. They should be 24 or older, with a willingness to learn and appreciate cultural differences.