English teacher | Cusco, Peru

  • Service term length or program: Mission internship
  • Region of service: Latin America
  • Location: Cusco, Peru
  • Ministry category: Children at risk, Education, Community development

Urgent need for a virtual high school English teacher for seniors at Promesa Mennonite School in Cusco, Peru 

We are looking for a certified teacher who is also a Spanish speaker. This teacher will perform responsibilities completely virtually. Those interested will fill out an EMM short-term application, and we will seek to process any applications quickly due to the school year starting on March 1. The person can be a "volunteer" in the sense that they can give their time. If someone would like this to be a paid position, those interested could serve as non-resident workers and raise funds through a Missionary Support Team.


Teaching certification and Spanish proficiency


Well-being care: Mike or Nancy Hostetter, regional representatives for South America, will supervise by meeting monthly via Zoom. 

Work responsibilities as a teacher: Damaris Lucano, principal (how often is to be determined, but a monthly zoom is suggested at first).


  1. Prepare lessons for each week for the senior class. (Minimum of 2 hours/per week, but perhaps as many as 4 hours per week.) The recommendation is Tuesday and Thursday, 11 a.m.–12:00 p.m., via Zoom. If another time later in the afternoon would work better for someone to teach, they could try to be flexible with the exact days/times. 
  2. Share written lesson plans with the English coordinator either weekly or monthly, depending on preference. 
  3. Maintain assessment data/grades on a spreadsheet that can be shared with the English coordinator to put on students' report cards (three times per year).
  4. Communicate with parents, either live via Zoom, or through a recorded video, twice during the year (at the beginning, to share expectations, and then perhaps halfway through the year).
  5. Help to coordinate an "English Day" event in November, where students share their learning with the school and parents.
  6. Attend the "Clausura" (virtually) at the end of the school year (December 2021).

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